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    Like many will probably find, my plugin adds a toolbar button to the TinyMCE editor in a 3.x fashion, and so completely breaks the visual editor in 3.9b1 with the TinyMCE 4 upgrade. It’s looking for a javascript file at /pluginpath/js/langs/en.js where I currently have the editor_plugin.js in the /pluginpath/js/ folder.

    I certainly want to fix this before WP 3.9 advances much further, but I haven’t found any reference to this problem yet, let alone updated examples of how to add a toolbar button using the new TinyMCE scheme to WordPress. The “migration guide” doesn’t mention this issue, and only seems to indicate what paths changed in the core of TinyMCE, which doesn’t seem like the realm of my plugin. Can anyone give some additional pointers on this? Or, what more information should I provide to request help?

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  • Which plugin? I just tested your Google one, and it’s working fine on current trunk.

    I wasn’t able to get the visual editor to load with Google Doc Embedder activated, receiving the javascript error indicated above (missing en.js file beneath my plugin path, where I certainly haven’t put it). I’ll do some additional testing though; perhaps I was dealing with some cached files or something. Thanks for checking.

    It seems to be working fun on trunk 🙂 which is oft the case. If you can check on the latest nightly, that would be great.

    Unfortunately it’s still not working for me – all features appear fine except the editor integration, it appears to me to break the visual editor with this error in the console (Firebug on FF 27.0.1):

    "NetworkError: 404 Not Found - [domain]/wp-content/plugins/google-document-embedder/js/langs/en.js"

    I’m running the version I get when I click “download nightly” which is WordPress 3.9-beta1-27501. But since it seems to be working on your end I will take another look when a new nightly or beta is released. Thanks for following up with me, I appreciate it.

    What exactly were you doing when it broke? I installed, clicked the tinymce button, and it let me insert just fine on Chrome. This may need specific steps to reproduce.

    There are no specific steps – when GDE is installed and activated, the tinymce buttons do not appear at all for me, just the js error in the console and an empty visual editor area. The fact that it seems to be working normally for you though makes me inclined to wait for a later beta and see if the issue is not really there.

    Here is a screen capture though of what I see, in case that clarifies the problem:

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    WordPress Dev

    I can reproduce the issue in trunk.

    Moderator Sergey Biryukov


    WordPress Dev

    Removing this line from google-document-embedder/js/editor_plugin.js fixes this for me, while the localization still works:


    Sergey, thanks for your efforts – that fix is extremely helpful! Works for me now in trunk.

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