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    Similar issue to what @anthonyeden experienced, however, the error message is a bit different, this time. I don’t know if any of our other parishes are also experiencing this issue or not.

    WordPress version 5.5.1
    Current theme: Avada (version 7.0.2)
    Current plugin: OptinMonster API (version 1.9.16)
    PHP version 7.3.19-1~deb10u1

    Error Details
    An error of type E_ERROR was caused in line 353 of the file /data/www/churches/0509-stelizcc.org/wp-content/plugins/optinmonster/OMAPI/Welcome.php. Error message: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function admin_page_url() on null in /data/www/churches/0509-stelizcc.org/wp-content/plugins/optinmonster/OMAPI/Welcome.php:353
    Stack trace:
    #0 {{REMOVED}}/wp-content/plugins/optinmonster/views/review.php(8): OMAPI_Welcome->get_link()
    #1 {{REMOVED}}/wp-content/plugins/optinmonster/optin-monster-wp-api.php(759): require('/data/www/churc...')
    #2 {{REMOVED}}/wp-content/plugins/optinmonster/OMAPI/Review.php(128): OMAPI->output_view('review.php')
    #3 {{REMOVED}}/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(287): OMAPI_Review->review('')
    #4 {{REMOVED}}/wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php(311): WP_Hook->apply_filters(NULL, Array)
    #5 {{REMOVED}}/wp-includes/plugin.php(478): WP_Hook->do_action(Array)
    #6 {{REMOVED}}/wp-admin/admin-header.php(292): do_action('admin_notices')
    #7 {{REMOVED}}/wp-admin/index.php(111)

    Thank you for looking into this!

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  • Plugin Support Angie Meeker


    Hi! Thanks so much for reaching out. I’m sorry you’re having trouble with your campaigns today. I’ll need to have our dev team take a closer look. Is the site you’re experiencing this issue on stelizcc.org? If not, could you please share a link to the site?

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    Good morning, Angie!

    I thought I had removed all references to the affected site (for safety/security reasons). WHOOPS!

    Yes, it’s for StElizCC.org. 🙂

    –Doug @bearlydoug

    Plugin Support Angie Meeker


    Hi Doug,

    Thanks so much for your patience while we worked out this issue. We’ve just released V1.9.17 of the plugin. If you’ll update your plugin you should see this issue resolve.

    Thank you, Angie for the quick turnaround. I’ve loaded the update and am waiting to hear back from the web team to see if they have any more issues.

    I appreciate your help and assistance. 🙂

    @ameeker, just got confirmation that this issue has been addressed.

    Thanks again for your quick response and even quicker fix!

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