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  • Resolved KristinaHSvensson


    Hi everyone!
    This morning I suddenly could not create any new pages or posts. I couldn’t edit old ones either. I hadn’t done anything so it looked like a mystery.

    The front end of blog looked fine and the back end too, apart from when I pressed “create new post” I didn’t get the usual nice looking view but one that was compleatly messed up.

    My first stop was to go to web hosting service but they claimed everything was working. I also waited half an hour but the problem didn’t go away. So Istarted de-activating plug-ins. One at a time. Tested. If nothing changed, I then re-activated them again. When I got to Black studio, tiny MCE-widget, I found the culprit. As soon as I deactived this plugin, I could create posts.
    (But of course all pages that I have created using this plugin went blank).
    When I had finished writing and had published todays post I actived the plug-in again and the problem returned.
    Any ideas or suggestions?

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hi @kristinahsvensson
    Our plugin alone is not intended for the creation of posts and pages, as it just provides a new type of widget. Maybe are you using it in conjunction with another plugin, i.e. Page Build by SiteOrigin?
    In that case, it’s possible there’s a conflict with another plugin.
    Please follow the troubleshooting guide in our FAQ and provide us with additional details.

    Thank you for your kind answer. Apparently I have used this widget a lot, and on some of my most visited pages. Which means that every time I de-activate the plug-in so that I can write or edit posts, I break some of my most visited pages. Not fun!
    So next week I will start the process of replacing those pages with something else. Not sure what, but something that doesn’t break.

    PS! If anyone out there has any suggestions for replacements I am very happy to hear them. As most people I suffer from lack of time and it is a pain when something just breaks from one day to another without you understunding what happened.

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hi Kristina,
    of course, you’re free to use whatever plugin/widget you prefer.
    The easiest alternative is the text widget included in WordPress core since version 4.9.
    However, please note that your issue is not a plugin’s fault, or in other words, the plugin is not broken. The plugin is actively used on ~800’0000 websites and if there was such a serious issue I can ensure it would have been reported (and fixed) earlier. I believe your issue is likely caused by a conflict with another plugin or theme, but unfortunately, I cannot help if you don’t provide additional information.

    Everything is now working again.
    I didn’t do anything to get the problem but it went away by itself. Great because it is hard work to re-furbish many pages.

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hi Kristina,
    good for you 🙂
    I am going to mark this topic as resolved.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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