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  • Similarly to the custum post types is there a way for the breadcrumb to have a custom base for normal posts rather than just going

    Home > Post Title

    I have pages that my posts are displayed in such as

    Home > News > Post Title


    Home > News > Economy >


    Is there any way to do this, particularly the first News? one.. without the use of a news category?

    Note: I have set my default post page to ‘News’


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  • Any solution? I’d like to do that same thing. In a static page environment, rather than Home > News/Blog > Cat > Post Title

    I’d like for blog breadcrumbs to show News/Blog > Cat > Post Title

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    Set News/Blog as your “Page for Posts” in WordPress’ settings, then ensure Breadcrumb NavXT is configured to show your home and blog breadcrumbs (make sure Home Breadcrumb and Blog Breadcrumb are checked).

    Okay… but that still gives me the ‘Home’ page showing on my blog page.

    I’d like the blog breadcrumbs to start at ‘News/Blog’, not at ‘Home’.

    Maybe I just read it wrong, more details on the exact options would be great if you have a solution.

    Plugin Author John Havlik



    In your case you want to make sure that Breadcrumb NavXT is configured to not show the home breadcrumb (make sure “Place the home breadcrumb in the trail.” is not checked) and have it configured to show the blog breadcrumb.

    Right, maybe I’m still misunderstanding something here, but if I uncheck that option then ‘Home’ is no longer showing on my pages’ breadcrumbs.

    Let me try to explain what I want again,

    On pages: Home > Parent Page > Subpage etc….

    On blog/posts: News/Blog > Category > Post

    So, I don’t want one or the other, but both of these at the same time

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    Technically, you are wanting to do something that isn’t valid. Your news/blog/posts page will always be a child of the webroot page (you home page) unless it is the webroot page (home page). In a static front page setup, the static home page will be the parent page for all other pages, posts, archives, etc. That’s how it’s logically organized.

    I’m not sure I understand why that’s invalid.

    If you can choose not to show the Home, why would it be invalid to not show the Home only on the blog section of the site?

    I understand that in the WordPress structure, the static page is the parent page for everything, but following WordPress structure does not necessarily help a user.

    Breadcrumbs are a way to help people position themselves within a website, to know where they are. If you’re on a page, then it makes sense that your main static page is the top level parent of that page.

    However, if you’re on the blog, is it necessary to tell a user that your blog is a subpage of your static page? Or will that just confuse them? I have heard people argue it both ways.

    Not saying you should implement this option, but simply that what makes sense internally in WordPress does not always fit a user’s experience of a site.

    Anyway, thank for the reply. Obviously, since it’s not possible, I’ll have to think of something else.

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    The option for not showing the home breadcrumb is a remnant of Breadcrumb Navigation XT, which had that feature and when I rewrote it for Breadcrumb NavXT 2.0 I maintained setting compatibilty.

    The breadcrumb trail should represent the logical structure of the website, from the current item, back all the way to the home page. Doing anything else may lead to user confusion. This is why I do not have an option to remove the current item.

    There are ways of doing what you want (few things are truely impossible). I don’t really endorse them, but they exist. The easiest one I can think of is to use the settings to remove the home breadcrumb, and then in your calling code, manually add it back in for pages only (check is_page()).

    And, don’t get too discurraged by my response, brining things up like this forces me to evaluate the design decisions I’ve made in the past. There are times I do decide to change how things work.

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