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  • I have a custom post type with two custom taxonomies associated.

    I set up the “Root Page” for the custom post type, and that seems to work fine in the breadcrumb when I’m viewing either the post type archive or an individual entry of that type.

    However, if I view one of the taxonomy pages, there is an empty space where the “Root Page” should be listed.

    For example, if I visit the “Portfolio” post type archive, with “Design” set as the “Root Page”, I get a breadcrumb that looks like:
    Home > Design > Portfolio (which is correct)

    If I visit “Test Project 1”, which is a portfolio entry, I get a breadcrumb that looks like:
    Home > Design > Portfolio > web (the taxonomy value I chose to show in the breadcrumb) > Test Project 1 (which is correct)

    However, if I visit the taxonomy page for “web”, I get a breadcrumb that looks like:
    Home > > Portfolio > web

    Notice in that last one that there are two angle brackets next to each other with a space in between. It’s almost as though the breadcrumb plugin knows it’s supposed to put something there, but can’t figure out what to put there, so it leaves it blank.

    It should be either:
    Home > Design > Portfolio > web (desired)
    Home > Portfolio > web (less desirable)

    Any suggestions on settings I might need to tweak to get this working? Thanks.

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  • Plugin Author John Havlik


    I just did a test on my local testbed with 4.0.1, and it appears to work correctly with the “Root Page > CPT Archive > Custom Taxonomy” form on a custom taxonomy archive page. Something with your setup must be causing the mess within bcn_breadcrumb_trail::do_root() to get confused. I’m going to have to see if I can break it on my testbed sometime later this week.

    I have the same problem but with parent/child category.
    I use this schema:


    All of my category are hierarchical organized. But sometimes it lose the last breadcrumb.

    For example in some post (I see the same situation in administration panel) i see this order:

    child child subcategory A > child subcategory A > category A

    and other post:

    category A > child subcategory A > child child subcategory A

    I have seen this: the breadcrumbs in the FIRST CASE are correctly show, insteand in the SECOND CASE, the breadcrumbs aren’t correctly showed, it lose the “subcategory A child child”.

    Those are some snap:

    Plugin Author John Havlik



    Make sure the post is only a member of one category heiarchy, and not an explicit member of multiple categories in a category heiarchy. E.g. for your example make sure Verona is only a member of Veneto. Otherwise Breacrumb NavXT will pick the first category hiearchy it finds, which may not be exactly what you are expecting.

    My structure is for example:
    Verona is child of Veneto that is child Italia that is child of Europa
    all post are this structure ^ so:
    Europa > Italia > Veneto > Verona
    But I see
    Europa > Italia > Veneto

    I noticed that this problem is only where you see reversed order (like snapshot).

    Plugin Author John Havlik



    Just for clarification to make sure we’re on the same page (I have a feeling something is getting lost in translation):

    Venteo is a child category of Italia
    Italia is a child category of Europa
    Europa is a category.

    Are those three statements correct?

    Now, I’m a little confused as to what Verona is. Is Verona a post or a category?

    Yes is all correct, and “Verona” is a post

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    Ok, and “Verona” has only “Venteo” set as it’s category, correct?

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