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    Plugin Author John Havlik


    Have you tried deactivating all other plugins and activate one of the two default themes that ship with WordPress (Twentyten or Twentyeleven)? If it still doesn’t save under those condtions, then you may have a server configuration issue (very rare). One thing to look at is the settings page for Breadcrumb NavXT should be under wp-admin/options-general.php?page=breadcrumb_navxt and the form action should be “options-general.php?page=breadcrumb_navxt” if that is not the case then there is something wrong.

    Whenever I click Save Changes it will take me too:

    and on those pages it is a 404 page error.

    I don’t think its a server issue

    Ok I just disabled every plugin and tried default themes, still get a 404 when saving this plugin. all other plugins work fine.. wierd

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    I’m not exactly sure what’s going on so there is a mirrad of things to try in an attempt to hone in on what the cause is.

    If you try to refresh the 404 page, does it actually load?
    If you remove the #general and #current, does the link work?
    Have you tried this on different browsers?
    Do you have anything “non standard” in your server setup (PHP safemode, custom ModSecurity rules, non-default (as generated by WordPress) .htaccess file)?


    Removing #general takes it back to the settings page again but nothing saved.

    Tried different browsers same problem.

    Nothing non standard at all.
    I’ll ask my hosting provider to see if they can figure it out but I am not sure what else is it.

    Can you tell me how I can manually edit the file in the mean time so the breadcrumb will not show up on the homepage?

    And I have a category page that I don’t want google to follow or index, can I put those tags in a specific breadcrumb?

    Ok my hosting company fixed it!
    It was a mod_security issue.

    But my problem is still there.

    I don’t want the home breadcrumb to display on the homepage, but I do want it to be displayed on every other page.

    And I also don’t want google to follow some of the breadcrumb urls, is this possible?


    Plugin Author John Havlik


    ModSecurity caused it, hmm. I’m guessing it was a non standard rule your host implemented, but is something I guess I’ll have to look out for.

    As for the keeping the trail out of the front page, there isn’t a setting for that one. This is because it is very simple to implement without a setting, just check the correct WordPress conditional before running the bcn_display function, e.g. use:

    <div class="breadcrumbs">
        <?php if(function_exists('bcn_display') && !is_front_page())

    Thank you very much works perfect!
    Ty for all the help

    Is it possible to make some of the breadcrumb trails nofollow?

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    You can apply nofollow to an entire type of breadcrumb (e.g. for a specific Custom Post Type), just add it to the breadcrumb template for that breadcrumb type. Though, using nofollow for links to your own content isn’t really going to help you with anything.


    Can you tell me how to apply it to an entire type of breadcrumb?

    I checked the plugin options but couldn’t see anywhere to do that.

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    Just add rel=”nofollow” to the appropriate breadcrumb template (breadcrumb templates are settings in the Breadcrumb NavXT settings page).

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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