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  • Hello,

    I am running WP Mu 2.9.2 and BuddyPress (latest version).

    Nav XT Breadcrumbs work great on all pages, posts, categories, tags… but on BuddyPress pages (Groups, Forums, Community..) it only displays the home link.

    You are here: Home >

    Does anyone know how to have it take into account the BuddyPress pages?

    I’ve looked around but haven’t found anything that involves “keeping” the Nav XT plugin.


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  • You’ll need an “extending” plugin for BuddyPress. I have the base work done in Breadcrumb NavXT (upcoming 3.5 version). I need to get back in contact with JJJ to develop the BuddyPress specific things (will be a few weeks out).

    Oh ok…
    That’s a few weeks past my deadline… (as always I guess).
    I there a way I could hard code the 4 main BuddyPress categories? I don’t really need full breadcrumbs for the BuddyPress pages because the standard navigation should be enough.

    I would be happy if I could get Nav XT to display

    You are here: Home>Community

    for the community pages, etc…

    If you have any ideas please do tell.

    Thank you for your quick response, I really appreciate it.


    I have not had the chance to look at how BuddyPress is implementing these things. In theory, if they use the standard WordPress taxonomy constructs, everything should work (and if they don’t at the moment, I have a feeling that in the future they will). If these are “custom” post types, then there is just a little bit of work I need to do to get it working (probably could have it working by Monday). At the moment I’m in the middle of finals week, so I have no time until tomorrow evening.


    I understand. Stay focused on your exams (priorities are everything)!… and if you have a little time left over the week-end please don’t hesitate to spend some of it on this issue 🙂

    Break a leg!



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    Good luck on your finals mtekk. In test install of WP3.0 beta2 and BP 1.3 trunk, the BP components are being rendered in WP Pages. My Page Edit list in test install has grown very long now with added BP component Pages. If this is what BP 1.3 stable will be then I don’t think it would be a major change to generate appropriate breadcrumb trails for those BP Pages. But that’s just me 🙂

    Ok, after looking at things, it’s not going to be very simple. But, I know what direction to point you in. BuddyPress does not appear to use custom post or taxonomy types (AFAIK), which means the extension plugin I spoke of before is necessary.

    I have a skeleton extension plugin together, that should get you going. It should add the group (non-linked) to the breadcrumb trail for the group home page. At the moment I do not have a BuddyPress testbed to test this. A ton of the BuddyPress code is not covered in the BuddyPress codex, so it takes some searching to figure out what each function does.

    You can find what I have so far at:

    Feel free to modify this to suit your needs. And, if you get something that works, and want to share it, I’ll include any suggestions. Once I get a BuddyPress testbed I’ll be able to fully dive into this.

    Right now the “hit list” is “full” WP3.0 support (finally make “global” breadcrumb trails possible for multi-site setups plus custom post support) then BuddyPress support.


    Thanks for keeping up with the BuddyPress developments. So, from what you’ve seen you’d agree with then notion that they are changing the “groups” and all their special things to WP2.9+ compatible “custom posts/pages”? If so, that makes my life much easier :).



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    @mtekk: yes, I believe it will make your life easier. Based on what I’m seeing in my test install where I’ve upgraded WPMU 2.9.2 with BP 1.2.3 to WP 3.0 beta2 with BP 1.3 trunk. First sentence in Step 2 of BuddyPress upgrade:

    New version of BuddyPress uses WP Pages to display content.

    and here’s a screenshot of Step 2 of BuddyPress upgrade panel where I had to choose which Page (new Page, a Page Template or existing Page) to display each BP component.

    Plus bp-default theme header shows major change in navigation in <ul id="nav">
    from line 46 – 82 (BP slugs plus wp_list_pages)
    to line 46 – 54 (wp_list_pages)

    Looks to me that the major plugin rewrites will be on side of BuddyPress plugin authors to use WP Pages to render data for groups, members, etc.


    @mtekk: Thanks for helping out. I installed your plugin but nothing is showing up on the pages…

    Do I need to make any changes to the call in the template files?

    Thanks again,

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