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  • BP 1.5.5 WP 3.2.2

    This is a minor issue but needs to be looked at.

    There is a conflict between your plugin and the event manager plugin with the map function not working in the Event Manager.

    Your Plugin works but the Event Manager Maps will not.

    That is the link for their plugin.

    I had to deactivate your plugin as I need the map feature very much on the Events. If you get some time to look at this and can work it out with them please let me know I really would like to put the map back on the user profiles. Also I could not figure out how to enable the maps for the groups. If you have a tutorial for this please leave the link. I could not find it. Thanks you very much Hugo your great!

    I really like the plugin and hope you guys can work it out.

    Thanks Sal

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  • Plugin Author Hugo Ashmore


    You would need to provide a little more detail if you wanted someone to be able to troubleshoot – at the least steps to replicate the issue so one knew where to start.

    I have little time at the moment to track down issues with other plugins, but clues to what is going wrong may help to identify whether this is a simple issue to resolve.

    Maps on groups display on the group member list, the instructions should be clear on the settings page for enabling them(I tried to keep all necessary instruction on the settings page) if you mean a function map call then that should simply embed in the template file and be parsed the necessary location string and other settings.

    GoDaddy did not provide the details Sorry Hugo I wish I had that.

    What I can tell you is I think it may have been a name issue.

    I can install it on the website again so you can see what it was doing first hand.

    But I left the link for the event manager.

    I believe because the profile map and the input field was on the same page for the event manager.

    This is what caused the conflict.

    I think if the Event Manager input page was moved to a different location this should solve the problem.

    As both are within the profile area of the website.

    That is why I left the link for you. So you can speak to the other developer.

    Maybe among you both you can work out a solution.

    Thanks love your plugin and your quick support you are truly a wonderful developer.

    Plugin Author Hugo Ashmore


    Calling multiple maps on a single map can cause issues, in order to render multiple maps I have to ensure I call new instances of each map requested from google, that the page won’t load another map after it runs mine doesn’t surprise me, and yes equally it could be something as simple as a naming conflict, although I have attempted to keep my naming conventions quite unique to avoid isssues.

    I really needed detail from you not Godaddy, as in what page are you referring to in all this? a BP groups members list, a members account screen what UPM settings are / were you using, where on the page was this events map trying to render it’s own map.

    Contacting the other developers isn’t an option at the moment, I’m sorry about that but the nature of my plugin is a very basic approach to providing maps for a BP enabled site, it’s not the best written plugin in history 🙂 and really has to be taken as is, I haven’t added a donate link on the plugin as I never intended it as a major work thus the hours that have gone into it have been without recompense and I can only spend time on the plugin when it doesn’t interfere with paid work or as recently when someone commissioned me to add features to it (fed through to the public release for all)

    What you could do is leave a link to the actual page on your site that is displaying this events map so I can see their map in action.

    Lastly and this may come across in the wrong way 🙂 but have you contacted the other plugin and enquired with them, after all you have said my plugin works ok but there’s on the same page doesn’t so it may well be an issue with their method of calling maps that needs adjusting rather than anything I can actually do with mine. Not saying this is the case but it’s possible.

    I will talk to the developer of the Event Manager Plugin.

    I will see if he can move the pages to another location other than the profile page.

    Thanks I will let you know!

    Plugin Author Hugo Ashmore


    but in the meantime please try and provide me with the basic information so I can better envisage what may be going wrong.

    The exact page this occurs on i.e /members/myname/ or /members/myname/profile/

    What part of the page is the upm map displaying on i.e in the member header using the BP do_action selection – in which case the upm map displays on all member account screens.

    Does the event plugin add a map to an existing account screen or does it create a new screen, where in the page markup does the event map try and display. How do you pass address information to the event map is it in tha same manner as the UPM maps by using a profile field, do we have a clash of filed names? i.e ‘loacation’

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