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    I don’t know why, but i have teste activating and desactivating the plugin.

    When the new version os BP My home i activated, if i go to Users and click in the permalink of other user’s profile, this redirect me to my root page.

    Desactivating the addon this don’t happend (i have tested and this is official a bug)

    The plugin’s new version also is breaking the buddypress Notifications System.

    If (with BP new version activated) i receive a notification that a “friendship invitation has been accepted” if y click on it…i’m redirected to my root page again, and the notification don’t disappear.

    I think that you have a problem with the new version a BIG problem. I was going crazy and finally desactivating your plugin comes all back to the normality.

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  • Hi Juanpons14,

    thanks for your feedback. It’s a really big bug. Sorry i havent seen it while developing this version.

    I’m going to add a correction quickly, meanwhile, just comment line 21 of bp-my-home.php like this :

    Okey! Tahnk you!
    I really love this plugin. Waiting for a definetly correction.

    Thank for your plugin.

    Can you do something for me? I don’t have any idea of programming, and i really need one plugin call Admin Notifications (here). This plugin notify all the user of your blog when a new post is submited. Works fine, the problem is that when the notification appear if i clicked, then it doesn’t disappear.
    It’s a light plugin with only one page and 256 lines. I think that will be easy to you find that problem. If you can do it, i would be eternally grateful.

    Sorry for my bad english i’m spanish =)
    Thanks and i hope to hear news from you soon

    Ok i’ll watch the plugin.

    I just added version 1.2.1 to the WP repo to fix the bug. Thks again for your feedback.

    Well for the plugin “Admin Notifications”. It works fine for me ! It’s an interesting plugin.

    If you are not using bp-default or if you edited single.php and page.php, you should look if this 2 hooks are in your template :
    single.php must contain
    <?php do_action( 'bp_before_blog_single_post' ) ?>
    and page.php must contain
    <?php do_action( 'bp_before_blog_page' ) ?>

    If these 2 hooks are not in these templates, then the function bp_admin_notifications_remove() that removes the notification is not fired..


    OOouu! Thnek you very much! I think that is this! =) I’m goin to edit my page.php and single and after that tell you if works or not.

    Thanks again!

    Yes! Now works fine.
    Only the last question about the “Admin notifications” plugin. Sorry if that bothers you.

    If i check for example in “Notify Users” twice in two differents post. When a user log in, then only one notification shows, then when the user click the other notification appear.

    Is there a way, that if i do that to 4 posts, then appear Notifications with the 4 number and four texts, possible?

    Thank you!

    Do you have any idea of how can i do it?

    Honestly, i dont know. As the notification disappear only when single.php or page.php is loaded for the $post->ID responsible of the notification, it might be complex.

    Okey don’t worry. Now works al least! Thank you i did what i wanted it, i have integrate Admin Notification with Buddypress Like, and when an user like a page/s (i add multiples post to this page/s every week) and a post is submitted and the post’s parent is that page if the user like the page parent, then notify him, if not, don’t do that.

    Doo you nuderstand me? Sorry i’m spanish.!

    It seems to be a great feature.

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