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[Resolved] [Plugin: BP Multi Network] multisite multidomain blogs -HELP

  • Hello all the good people,
    I have a main domain and have several other domains mapped to it such that people can create their own blogs on mapped domains. (using multisite and domain mapping)
    Pets.com -main domain
    cats.com -mapped domain 1
    dogs.com -mapped domain 2
    The problem is I can’t have same name sub-domains or sub-directory blogs on all three domains
    blog1.cats.com OR cats.com/blog1 -is fine.
    blog1.dogs.com OR dogs.com/blog1 -says this site is already reserved.
    blog1.pets.com OR pets.com/blog1 -says this site is already reserved.
    seems like WP is ignoring the domain name part
    Finally I came across *Wp-multi-network* plugin, I am excited to know Will creating a network with this plugin solve the issue or is there other way around?
    I also want a single buddypress install on main network domain, so that people of one sub-network can also interact and be friends with people on other sub-network. Do you think “BP Multi Network plugin” will be helpful in this case ??
    I will be very-very thankful for any kind of support 🙂


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  • You don’t need BP multi-network if you want the BP social networks to be common. BP multi-network is for separating them.



    I wasn’t aware of this issue.

    I will also have same sub-domains on different networks on different domains in the same install.

    So can we have the same sub-domains or same sub-rectories if we use the following plugins:

    BP Multi-network



    Thank you.

    If you want a common BP social network you do not need the BP multi network plugin. What you have for individual site urls is irrelevant.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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