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  • Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    We resolved this in a thread at

    The link above just goes to the main site. A little help linking to the solution would be appreciated. I keep searching this issue and keep finding Ron giving no solutions and evasive answers. Any help, Ron would be greatly appreciated.

    hey seriously how come you can still see members on seperate sites on seperate domains… is this a scam to get you to buy networks+ which i would but i want to SEE that it works!

    I ended up using this free plugin, when I could not get BP Multi Network to work.

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    @tgarmon – Networks+ is a commercial plugin and it’s against the forum guidelines for me to discuss it on this forum.

    @kingofpain – The BP multinetwork plugin has

    The user base is still shared across the WP install.

    in the plugin description. If you purchased Networks+ less than 45 days ago (Paypal’s limit) and would like a refund, request it through (include your Paypal email address).

    I am using the BP-multi network plugin you are referring to. One problem I am having is the group forums don’t open up in the group area. They want to redirect to the main activity page for the group forums. I am not sure if that is a permalinks issue or what, but it is frustrating to say the least. Ideally I want two identical Buddypress on different subdomains; so I can theme one to fit inside a Facebook i-frame and the other remain the fill width site, Plus have buddypress-multi-network active on the sites I want to separate. I am running into issues where the avatars won’t show up on the secondary, independently themed “mirror” buddypress, which doesn’t have the buddypree-multi-network active. Everything should be pointing back to the main Buddypress install, but something is getting crossed some where. I keep wondering if it is something in wp-config. I can add networks and sites no problem. That’s working fine. It’s just this little stuff with Buddypress.


    You might want to open a separate post for the group forums issue as that is not related to this post.

    Groups are a pain with BuddyPress in MultiNetwork format. I found that I had to ‘trick’ the installation to get it to work properly.

    Here are the steps that I used. Keep in mind this is with the Brajesh Singh version of BP Multi Network;

    1) Installed BuddyPress but did not edit wp-config.php to enable multi blog. This means that BuddyPress installs at the Network level.
    2) Network Activated BuddyPress and ran the configuration also at the Network level.
    2) Ran the Forum configuration and copied the bp-config.php to htdocs
    3) Enabled BuddyPress Multi blog.
    4) Installed BP Multi Network (Brajesh Singh version)
    5) BuddyPress config now shows up at the site level
    6) Rereun BuddyPress config and repair missing pages if necessary. Running the config deletes all of the pages so they have to be recreated manually.

    Now you have BuddyPress and Groups that are completely separate for all subsites. The subsites can have different themes and users are not visible between sites.

    Hope this helps.

    is it possible to keep users invisible across sites but still allow them to friend and chat across sites at the same time?

    I know what you want but think about it. How would that be possible?

    A member would have to be visible on a site to be friended.

    Of course a member can belong to multiple sites but they would have to creat friendships on each site, unless some really cool code was used to create them automatically…

    Eric, what I want to do is to have the capability to make one network, “A” let’s say of five (5) sites have one (1) social site for ALL of the users within the network “A”.

    Then, in network “B”, of three (3) sites, I want the same capability. Can this be done?

    I am amazed at how coy (reads “not very forthcoming”) top code gurus are at each of the support centers of WP, Multisite and Buddypress. Remembering my own dysfunctional family growing up, I am sensing deja vu all over again. That said, I have no intentions of pissing anybody off in what is essentially a “free” environment but, I can assure you that I am painfully aware just how much nature abhors a vacuum and that, in the long run, one usually gets what they pay for. Thank God for the original concept. We can all bring great computing solutions to our clients in a way that is impossible with other software.

    Plugin Author Ron Rennick


    MultiSite Guru

    I am amazed at how coy (reads “not very forthcoming”) top code gurus are at each of the support centers of WP, Multisite and Buddypress.

    The plugin description for BP Multi-network has

    The user base is still shared across the WP install.

    @ted_myers – perhaps you could elaborate on how that’s being “coy”?

    Thanks for your response, Ron. Actually, after much digging, and combing through Google searches for literally weeks, it appears, thanks to coreymj78 posting on

    …that it is YOUR solution that may fit my needs since it allows me to purchase Network + ($25.95; smart move and hopefully supports the theory of “…you get what you pay for”) which will allegedly permit me to create, with some sort of instructions and therefore…likelihood of success: Two or more separate networks of sites of which each can either be one big social network or one big network of many social sites but no more than than. Believe me, that’s quite enough. I need just to have the former in each of my networks: One big social network with member, activity, sites, groups, etc. appearing in each site and having equally the same content.

    If you can add more to this, have at it, Hoss.

    So, getting to you (and Andrea) and the right answers to simple questions can take weeks which carries with it a lot of frustration over who knows what, and the perception that the other end is being “coy”…as in the second definition, below.


    1. (esp. of a woman) Making a pretense of shyness or modesty that is intended to be alluring but is often regarded as irritating.

    2. Reluctant to give details, esp. about something regarded as sensitive.

    I am not necessarily ascribing this behavior to you and/or Andrea (after all, the gods finally pointed me in the final, right direction, yes?) but to the culture that has popped up around all of these marvelous solutions to communicating and social sharing in the 21st century. I am coming to believe that the world’s best kept secret is that the average enlightened communicator can, today, bring nicely presented, ubiquitous and highly-social information to friends, family and prospects…on a literal shoestring of a budget…using WordPress having multiple sites and networks, awesome themes, terrific plugins and the simple uniting power of Buddypress.

    I am about to do just that and let’s hope your great offering and significantly less than coy approach send me on my way.

    Ted Myers

    P.S. To the coy ones I can only suggest that you behave in the spirit of the software itself and be forthcoming about all, all the time. The Universe knows there is plenty for all and that sharing it is the goal. To “drip” it is counter-productive and, when one finds a true “sharer”, such as Ron and Andrea, the Universe will reward you with happy customers from start to finish rather than those who experience significant speedbumps and potholes when it comes time to learn how you can benefit them. Always OVER-TEACH!

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