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GTM v1.9 breaks "Stage Gallery" on Dynamix theme (3 posts)

  1. marcuscake
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I use a "Stage Gallery" within the Dynamix theme ( http://themeforest.net/item/dynamix-premium-wordpress-theme/113901 ) on my home page.

    After the upgrade to GTM v1.9, the "Stage Gallery" only shows the first image and does not show the "Bullet Nav" (bullets representing each slide under the image) and does not cycle through the slides.

    When I disable GTM v1.9, the navigation works.

    If you look at http://www.opennetworksinstitute.org, you will see the Stage Gallery on the front page. I am going to try to revert to v1.8.1 . Unfortunately, I need both GTM and the "Stage Gallery" on the front page (it provides such a easily digestible summary).

    Any issues with going back to v1.8.1? Is the problem obvious?


  2. marcuscake
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I disabled all plugins.

    I activated Buddypress. The stage gallery worked.

    I activated GTM. The stage gallery stops working.

    The developer of the Dynamix theme mentioned that "There is something looking for global.js which maybe causing an issue" ( http://support.creativeworkz.co.uk/groups/dynamix-support/forum/topic/gtm-v1-9-plugin-conflict-with-dynamic-stage-gallery/?#post-8734 ). Any ideas?

    I am not sure how to fix this. I guess I can only bring it to the attention of the GTM plugin developer, the theme developer and community. Hopefully, someone can help. After a few months of tweaking and searching, I almost arrived at a web site I was happy with and am keen to fix this.

    I'd really appreciate your help!

  3. marcuscake
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I haven't been able to fix the Dynamix gallery that I referred to previously.

    I purchased two (uBillboard and SliderPro) sliders in an effort to get a working slider/gallery on the home page. Unfortunately, neither of these work either when the GTM plugin is activated.

    When GTM is activated, the Dynamix gallery doesn't scroll, SliderPro does not appear and UBillboard appears but is scrambled.

    When I disable the GTM plugin, all three work. I have set up a demo page at http://www.opennetworksinstitute.org/home/sliders .

    If GTM is affected three plugins, does not that mean that the conflict is in GTM ... or could the problem be elsewhere. I would really appreciate some help. GTM is such a great plugin and I am keen to keep using it.

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