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  • Booking Calendar Version: 9.Premium.2.7

    I’m having trouble setting up and understanding the use of [starttime] and [endtime] fields.

    In the admin Booking Table Settings I have the Time Format set to the 2nd selection:

    5:54 PM

    I am trying to allow people to enter their own Start and End times on the form.

    In the form I have the following fields:

    <p>Start Time: [starttime*] - End TIme: [endtime*]</p>

    According to the reference on the side it says:

    [starttime] - start time field. Example: [starttime]. If you have already predefined times, you can also use this shortcode: [select starttime "12:00" "14:00"]
    [endtime] - end time field. Example: [endtime]. If you have already predefined times, you can also use this shortcode: [select endtime "16:00" "20:00"]

    When I try to use the fields in the form on the frontend they only accept 2 digits and there’s no way to define minutes, so how do users schedule something without being able to select the minutes as well, and have it update the calendar?

    I checked the developer’s site and it’s not easy to find anything, there’s no Search available so I’m hoping to get some help as soon as possible because I need to launch the site.


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  • I was able to enter a time with the colon like 10:00 but I still don’t see how to choose between AM and PM for the times.

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    If you use [starttime] and [endtime] fields, so then these fields are support only 24 time format.
    If you need to use AM/PM time format entering you need to use these short codes (right now available only selection of predefined times combination): [select starttime “12:00” “14:00”], [select endtime “16:00” “20:00”] OR [select rangetime “10:00 – 12:00” “12:00 – 14:00” “14:00 – 16:00” “16:00 – 18:00” “18:00 – 20:00” ] OR [select durationtime “00:30” “01:00” “01:30” “02:00” “02:30” “03:00” ] and [select starttime “12:00” “14:00”].
    And also you need to set AM/PM time format at the general booking settings menu (I can suggest that you are already did it).

    Ok, so if I setup a [starttime] is it possible to also use a [select durationtime] field to populate the calendar? That way, if a user can select any time from the drop down menu and then select any duration from another drop down. Would that work / integrate well with the calendar?

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    Yes, its will be work.
    but [starttime] – its text field for entering time in 24 mode.
    You need to use this one: [select starttime “12:00” “14:00”], the time list can be different, and this select box can show time in AM/PM format.

    Thanks! So for example, I am trying this:

    Start Time: [select starttime* "08:00" "09:00" "10:00"] - Duration: [select durationtime* "00:30" "01:00" "01:30" "02:00" "02:30" "03:00"]

    Now if people have to pay per hour for renting the equipment how does this work? For instance, I have a starting price of $1350, but we require a downpayment. So for the “Cost of each booking resource” I have $450 (for the downpayment) as a ‘fixed deposit’. Is this the right way to do this?

    I am trying to achieve this:

    Someone schedules for 3 hours, they pay through PayPal for the ‘fixed deposit’ – do we schedule something manually through PayPal for the rest of the cost or does this plugin automatically send out an email for the remaining balance that is due before the scheduled date?


    I just tested this code:

    Start Time: [select starttime* "08:00" "09:00" "10:00" "11:00" "12:00" "13:00" "14:00" "15:00"] - Duration: [select durationtime* "00:30" "01:00" "01:30" "02:00" "02:30" "03:00"]

    But on the frontend there is no select showing up, it just looks like text. Am I doing something wrong?

    Never mind, I just removed the * and it worked.

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    Ok this configuration have to work (including am/pm format), you can do not use this * sign, because visitor will select anyhow something:
    Start Time: [select starttime "08:00" "09:00" "10:00"] - Duration: [select durationtime "00:30" "01:00" "01:30" "02:00" "02:30" "03:00"]

    According additional payment for some reservations. No plugin is not send aditional request for additional payment. But you can manually send peyment request for additional payment. You can make it from Booking menu page, at the right side of each booking you can find button for this operation.

    Please reply directly to my email, if you will have some additional questions.
    Thank you.

    Great thanks for your help! I’ll contact you if we need anything else.

    Plugin Author wpdevelop


    You are wellcome.

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