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  • Have installed Boilerplate on a new WP installation (3.3.1) using 2011 theme. When I click on the icon in the editor a dialog box appears but contains the Wp-admin bar and a slider rather than the simple dialog box I was expecting. I’ve reloaded the theme and the plugin. I’ve tried diabling all the other plugins as well.

    When I switch off the admin when viewing site in User profile, I get no admin bar in the dialog, but I also don’t get the boiler plates – jsust the slidebar again.

    Any thoughts where i should look to trouble shoot this one?


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  • Have you set your permalinks in the settings section?
    If so, to what is it set?
    This should not normally cause a problem, but this does sound like what happens when it breaks.
    What web server are you using?
    This could also affect how this works.


    The server is the same as one I use for a working version of wp-Boilerplate on another WP site; the set up is pretty much the same as this one. (But clearly I’ve missed something!)

    Permalink set to /%category%/%postname%/ – works just fine with my other install.

    File permissions? Style sheets? I’m trying to think of things that I might have done differently that would make a difference.

    Do other permalinks actually work?

    The popup page in the dialog uses WordPress’ rewriting to generate the page so, the page has access to the full WP API. This means it works just like any page/post.

    Try using the default permalinks and see if that works. The plugin does cater to both default and pretty permalinks.

    If just the pretty permalinks are not working then it would be down to the .htaccess not being set right on the site.

    If its only the permalink for the plugin that is the problem this will take some more diagnosing.

    The WP version and theme should not be the problem as it was developed on the same.
    File permissions should not be a problem as the popup is generated on the fly so does not require physical access to a file.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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