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  • Hi guys, I have some feedback about the really impressive WP plugin you’ve put up. It’s great, but I want to use it on our site which has many translations into different random languages.

    For us to really use a plugin we basically need to control all the text that goes out to visitors so we can translate it. In the case of Blubrry Powerpress you guys have hardcoded several bits of text into the plugin in a way that makes it impossible for us to change them. Specifically where it says “Podcast”, “Download” and “Play in new Window” on the player embed (in the powerpress_content() function)

    To fix it for us (and make it more extensible generally for all usrs) you could do a couple of different things:

    1) Add settings in the prefs for what text to show – this would probably be my preference because it would make it easy for me to manage. The problem with this is that many users wouldn’t care about that text and would rather leave it as is, so its a trade-off between convenience and customizeability.

    2) Add detailed CSS classes to all parts of the embedded code – this would be a lot easier for you guys to do and would literally have no adverse impact on anything. Having detailed CSS id and class values present in your HTML is always a good idea and is well respected by the web development community, mostly for situations like this. If there were specific classes on all the components of the player (i.e. class=”powerpress_download_link” and class=”powerpress_new_window”) then I could use my own CSS file to alter what is shown there. In my case I’d be happy to just hide the text of each link and replace it with a background image that conveys “new window” and “download this” without words.

    I would be overjoyed to see 1) come true but will also be very happy if you give me 2).

    Thanks for the great plugin. I hope it’s really helping your service grow and that we can have a productive relationship going forward 🙂

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  • I’ll second this idea. I’ve been trying to hide the [play] text from below the player and can’t because it doesn’t have a unique id.

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