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  • Hi,
    Audio and video player start playing automatically upon viewing the posts by default, I guess.

    How can I set that matter on standby?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Never mind about this. I chose “Play in a New Window” so autostart isn’t an issue anymore 🙂

    And now the burning question!

    There is no way to add another ( the second and more ) media file in the same post. Nor Blubrry Powerpress Podcasting plugin settings neither post options give that feature.

    Did I miss something or placing more than one media file in one post isn’t supported?


    You’re not missing sommething, when we designed Blubrry Powerpress we made sure you could not accidentally add multiple media files to one post, and for good reason.

    Blubrry Powerpress does not support multiple media files in one blog post because each podcatching application handles multiple enclosures differently. iTunes will download the first enclosure that it sees in the feed ignoring the rest. Keep in mind iTunes typically makes up between 60-85% of a podcasts audience. Other podcatchers and podcasting directories either pick up the first enclosure or the last in each post item. On the contrary, we are not aware of any podcatcher that displays all of the media files associated with the post. This inconsistency combined with the fact that Dave Winer (author of RSS 2.0 specifications) does not recommend multiple enclosures and the recommendation against them is why the Blubrry Powerpress does not support them.

    Some folks may find our solution unsatisfactory. We’re not trying to me mean or anything, we’re (Blubrry and RawVoice) just applying our expertise in the podcasting field to prevent people from repeating the same mistakes.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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