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    First of all I want to thank you for the great plug-in, it works perfectly!
    Still I have a few suggestions/remarks:

    • Is it possible to make the ‘tab’ space in code a little smaller?
    • Is it just me or doesn’t the <!--nextpage--> tag work when the plugin is enabled in a post? The navigation-buttons for the pages are there, but no mather what page-number I click, I stay on the same page. Or do multiple pages go against the wiki-nature of the plug-in ?
    • Would it be possible to make a button next to code that copies the code to the clipbord? + state the code-language above the code?

    Anyway, those are the only improvements I can think of! Thank you very much for the great plug-in. I hope it will become more popular fast as it’s such a great plug-in!

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  • Just some notes/clarification:

    • By “tab space” you mean the number of spaces a tab character is replaced with?
    • I didn’t even knew this “nextpage” tag existed. I’ve never used it. This can certainly be implemented, altough I fear that it might be a little bit complicated.
    • I’ll check this. However, there’s no way through JavaScript to put something on the clipboard. (I already tried it and it didn’t work.)

    Thanks for the reply.

    • By tab space I mean the number of spaces indeed.
    • If it’s too hard, you don’t have to do the “nextpage” page thing.
    • I think the copy to clipboard is possible with a little flash (I just checked and syntax highlighter uses flash too).

    But anyway, those were just suggestions, the plug-in is awesome either way! I just made a long post yesterday exploring all the possibilities. It just kept on amazing me! So thanks man!

    My pleasure. It’s always nice to hear about people using and liking BlogText.

    Just out of curiosity: What’s the link to your blog post?

    I’m still working off-line for the moment (only started 2 weeks ago with learning HTML & others…). I could give you a screenshot if you’d like. Oh yes, I just discovered something: when I change the theme for code colorizing in the admin panel the highlighting doesn’t work anymore, instead I get something weird with the highlighted line numbers. (Sorry to bother you with this again).

    Not a problem.

    This shouldn’t happen. Have tried the page in a different browser/clear the browser cache? Can you give me a screenshot of the weird colorization? Also, from which to which colorization theme are you switching? And what’s your WordPress version?

    Here’s the screenshots. The titles say which browser and theme were used. I tried clearing browser cache, but this didn’t help. The two default themes work without problem.

    I’m using WordPress version 3.2.1

    Ah, yes. This problem occurs for highlighted lines. I forgot to test this feature with the other colorization themes. To solve it (until its solved in the next update), simply add the following line to “blogtext/style/default.css”:

    .ln-xtra { display: block; }

    This should solve the problem.

    It solved the problem indeed, thank you!

    Just FYI, I’ve created tickets for your requests at BlogText’s bug tracker: You can follow their status there.

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