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  • and now I noticed all the drafts imported as published…<sigh> there must be a better way!

    Plugin Author Workshopshed


    The last issue is fixed in the development stream. For more details see:

    With regards your other two issues, if you hover over the number of comments on the status screen you should be able to see if it is skipping the comments or just not importing them? I imagine it might take some time to import 365k issues so it could be that google is throttling your connection? You could try changing the Max_Results and Max_Execution_Time settings?

    With regards resetting and re-importing, I’ve done that many many times and not had duplicates (with a smaller blog of 300 or so comments). You would get duplicates if you modified the comments some how before re-importing. Do all 4451 duplicate or just some?

    Is there a better way? Well you could open up the code and see what improvements you could do? That’s what I did when I got bored with the issues with the 0.4 version, I’m just a wordpress user like you.

    There are also people who’ve tried importing via or using the blogger2wordpress conversion utility. won’t have it.. I got a nasty gram from them. and the site is way too large for the conversion utility.

    It does not duplicate all the comments.. just a select few and I see no rhyme or reason to it.. believe me I”ve looked..

    google would throttle yes.. what would you suggest changing the max to? Any help would be appreciated.

    Plugin Author Workshopshed


    Try increasing both of them.

    Perhaps 200 for the Max Results and 60 for the Max Execution Time.

    The first one should reduce the number of requests sent to Google so they are less likely to throttle? It will put a bigger load on your importing server though.

    The function that checks for duplicate comments is as follows:

    function comment_exists($post_id, $comment_author, $comment_date)
                global $wpdb;
                $comment_author = stripslashes($comment_author);
                $comment_date = stripslashes($comment_date);
                return $wpdb->get_var($wpdb->prepare("SELECT comment_ID FROM $wpdb->comments WHERE comment_post_ID = %s and comment_author = %s AND comment_date = %s", $post_id, $comment_author, $comment_date));

    So unless the date or author has changed somehow I can’t see why you’d be getting duplicates.

    @workshopshed thanks for the answers.. I’ve made no changes to the comments in either place.. I gave up on the local import.. again it just stalled and refused to go further.

    I did a blank sandbox install on my hosted server yesterday evening, again it imported posts quickly (after a couple of button presses (says skipped 2851 posts on last press) total 2862 posts 11imported at last press.

    comments 30k+ (still importin) skipped 901(?) that’s where the dups will show I guess (as in the past we’ll check at finish) total comments to import 365672. Gonna be a long day.

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    @dlawrence, I have spotted a slight issue with the import of comments. If a post is edited and revisions created then the comments end up getting linked to both which is not correct.

    However I don’t think that would cause the problems you’ve described here.

    Plugin Author Workshopshed


    Spotted another issue.

    In the function import_comment on line 795.

    if (isset($this->blogs[$importing_blog][$entry->id]) || $this->comment_exists($comment_post_ID, $comment_author, $comment_date))

    This should be

    if (isset($this->blogs[$importing_blog]['comments'][$entry->id]) || $this->comment_exists($comment_post_ID, $comment_author, $comment_date))

    thanks I’ll make that change.. it runs a while.. then stops a page refresh gets continue..(google throttle I suspect) then chugs a while and stops. I’m using a lightspeed server which shouldn’t have any affect but just for the record

    is there a reason the importer is reporting posts +1 imported.. blog as 2861 posts.. reported 2862? ( I can find this post if its a dup obviously) but just wondering> clearly nothing in this world is perfect but this plugin is such an improvement over the last WP edition.. thank you

    Plugin Author Workshopshed


    No it should not report +1 posts, another thing to investigate 🙂

    When it stops (after the timeout of 20s), the button should change to “continue”, you should not need to refresh the page just press the button again.

    it does not change.. after 10 minutes.. a refresh brings the continue..?

    wouldn’t it be wonderful if google would just let us export content without all the bruhaha..

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