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  • I’ve installed the blog protector and it seems to work only half.When I only select “Deactivate Text Selection And Image Dragging.(Highly Recommended)”, that works. But, when I select both options (so also “Disable Right Click Of Mouse”) the plugin does nothing. right click and selection of text and images is still possible.

    A feature i’d love to see included is to do allow logged in users to select/right click (so only visitors aren’t allowed).

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  • Hello robaldb73,
    I have checked the plugin,but it is working perfectly.
    you can see these blogs have installed the same plugin & is working great for them.

    i have solution for your blog ,check FAQ Section on

    this page

    Thank You For Trying My Plugin.

    The documentation should perhaps mention that it will only work if the user has javascript turned on AND his browser allows this kind of hijacking. Turn javascript off or configure your browser not to allow right-click hijacking and the protection is gone. I know that it is impossible to protect your content without javascript so it’s no fault of the plugin itself, but the potential users of this plugin should be aware of this weakness before they get their hopes too high.

    Really thank you for this reply.This is my first plugin so i dont much about the documentations.
    in next upadate i will surely mention about this.
    Thanks for notification.

    Did you know this plug-in only works with IE?
    When using Firefox, you get the message that right click is unavailable, you click OK and get the menu anyway.

    I love the program but I can not deactivate it for troubleshooting purposes any advice? I also uninstalled from sever and reinstalled

    The plugin doesn’t stop me from copying pictures if I use a mac and chrome as its browser.

    Save your install effort.

    If your content can be displayed on a screen, it can be copied.

    My site is also using Blog Protector:, and it works only half too! People are still able to copy my images! I was reported that this plugin preventing google crawling well, is there any one who experience it?

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    Nice looking website. A little busy but not overly so.

    If you have a web site on the Internet, and it does not use hardcore, psychotic, we-hate-our-readers authentication and encryption, then anyone can download your images and content regardless of what this plugin does.

    That’s just the reality of hosting any website on the Internet.

    jdembowski… you say anyone but we all know the internet isn’t full of brilliant people and most of them will give up if they can’t right click and save or drag the image. It’s better protection than no protection.

    Anyways, Mac OSX 10.6.2 on Firefox here, only right-click disable works.

    Perhaps there’s another half of the solution to this incomplete problem. I found the following link that might do the trick.

    Disable image dragging in FireFox

    Hope that this can be integrated into the next update, soon.

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