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  • also wondering this. I have now only 1 blog in the network, and want to create sub blogs based on main blog.

    Ditti, same here. I have one blog only and it’s my main one. It has a lot of settings and I don’t want to do them manually for each new site in the network. I don’t need posts or anything, just the base site and settings, widgets, and etc.

    I am wondering the same thing. Can anyone help?



    me, too. Would like to copy a sub-blog (in a subdirectory of my WPMU network) to the MAIN site. Is this possible?


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    Unfortunately that’s not within the scope of this plugin. It’s probably not impossible to do so if someone wants to an update for that, we’re happy to test it and add it but we don’t have any plans to write it.

    Yet another voice hoping you’ll add this functionality. This would make your plugin indispensable for setting up a primary site and a staging site.

    I hope you’ll reconsider and and this to the scope of the plugin.

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    If someone wants to present a code patch for it we’re happy to consider it.

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    Note: Ron Rennick’s plugin which inspired this one does have that functionality:

    I am not sure but I think I got the same problem. I have a blog at it is in french and it is the main blog. I have created an english sub-directory for using a multi-site network with wordpress. So I installed blogcopier to copy the whole root in the new english sub-folder but when I go to blog copier it ask me “Choose Source Blog to Copy” and does not let me choose the main root as the source to copy to the /en folder. Is this the problem people are talking about here ? and if so, what would be a solution ? Ron Rennick’s plugin mention above would solve that ?

    As far as the replicator plugin, they said it wont work. There answer to my question is : “No, it will not copy the main site, for technical reasons.

    All the plugins I know of for multisite, do not copy the main site.

    They only copy one subsite to another subsite.”

    Also, for my problem with blog copier see this image :

    Surely there must be simple solution for that kind of problem ? It does not make sense to not be able to copy the main base site to a sub/directory. It surely is possible to do this simply even if manually ?

    I would like this feature also – if you intend to run multisite effectively the main site would normally be the main template for replicating

    Just wondering if anyone dares to try this:

    Install Networks for WordPress and set up a second network. Then go to the Sites list an choose Move under the main networks main site. Select the second network and then…

    I have no idea what will happen and if the main site will become a subsite of that second network. If it does, and if it is all still accessible, copying the site should no longer be a problem. And then hope that it is still possible to move that sub’d main site back as main site to the main network.

    Anyone up for testing this theory? 😉

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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