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  • Great plugin!
    I prefer to use subdomains rather than folders. I tested Blog Copier by setting up a subdomain first and then trying to copy the blog but since BC creates a folder it said the folder already existed and (of course) didn’t copy. Is there any way I can use subdomains?

    Also tested by using BC to copy a blog to a non-existant folder – BC created the folder and copied everything across including all plugs in their activated state with passwords and api intact – nice, very nice. What a time saver! 🙂 If I can’t use subdomains then the folders will do – at a pinch.


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  • I just installed it, and like Anaconda225 i have created a subdomain and was not able to copy 1 site to it. So, I have erased that subdomain, and have copied the data only (unchecking the file). It work perfectly, I had a new subdomain working immediately ! The only thing is I am the administrator of it, so I have to create a new user, and I have my new site. Perfect plugin, thanks 🙂

    mouzaia – do you mean a subdomain or a subfolder? ?

    I can’t see that you can create a subdomain – but I’d love to be wrong 🙂 I’m sure it’s purely aesthetics but I’d much prefer to have not not

    However ….. this is such a time-saver even if I can’t have my wishlist it won’t stop me using it. Great job guys! I’ll send a donation through on payday 🙂

    Don’t understand Anaconda, I was just talking about sub domain 🙂

    I ment if you want it to work, duplicate your site, don’t create it. Then add a next user for it.

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