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    I installed your plugin yesterday, and since that time I cannot edit or create any new page that contains the [raw] shortcode and an online registration form.

    I deleted the plugin and tested again; no luck. So your plugin must be changing some of the baseline files of WP, as I’m not having this issue with an identical installation on another site (same theme) in which I did NOT install your plugin.

    When I go to edit a Page (or create a new Page) with the [raw] form in place, I get a white page upon execution and the edits/creation don’t take. So I’m stuck.

    So my question:

    What do i need to revise in the primary wp files to wipe away the changes caused by the installation of your plugin?

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  • …or perhaps a better question, what parts of WP install should I FTP in to revert WP back to its native setup?

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    User Role Editor doesn’t change any file beyond of its installation folder. You may check that easily by compare your WordPress core files with the same clear version using any diff tool, e.g. Meld Diff Viewer for Ubuntu or WinMerge for Windows.
    In case you made some changes to the user roles, you may setup plugin again and use its ‘Reset’ function. It will revert user roles to its primary state, as just after fresh WordPress installation.

    It was possible that plugin conflicts with some other plugin, but if you removed it, but problem is still there, I suppose that reason should be searched at some other place.

    What plugin provides you ability to use [raw] shortcode?

    The theme itself provides the [raw] shortcode.

    I have this same theme installed on two different sites; the other site that I did not install your plugin still works fine, but the site where I installed your plugin now hangs up.

    I will try the Reset you suggest. Thanks.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Is the theme you use free or you can provide its code for testing purpose? If I can test it with User Role Editor together myself, I may find the reason of your problem.

    It’s not free.

    It’s the ProMotion theme from MNKY Studio

    I can send the .zip if you provide a way…

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Please send zip to “my first name”[at-sign]
    You may find my email at line #14 of user-role-editor.php file also.

    Reinstalling the plugin then reverting to WP user defaults did not work. I still cannot edit a page — or even trash the page! — that has the [raw] form in it (except I can trash it from the Quick Edit menu, which is weird).

    Sorry, I should be more clear: I can Publish or Draft the page from within the Quick Edit menu, but I cannot Trash that page using the link next to Quick Edit — doing so creates a hang up.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    WordPress 3.5.1, Promotion theme activated. I created post with [raw] shortcode. I activated User Role Editor, edited that post, moved it to Trash without problems.
    I recorded video for you reference:

    I can not repeat your situation. Did you install/update other plugins that day you meet the problem 1st time?
    Or maybe URE conflicts with some plugin instead of Promotion theme. Send me your installed plugins list.

    You are 100% correct, Vladimir.

    I turned off all the plugins that I planned to execute for the client but were not yet live and the issue stopped.

    Then I went through one by one turning them back on, and WordBooker caused the issue to return:

    And I do not have Wordbooker installed on the other website with this theme.

    My apologies for blaming your plugin! This all happened immediately after installation of your plugin, but there may also have been an update I installed at the very same time.

    You have been great to follow up as much as you have, and I will be certain to go into WP and give you 5-star ratings!

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