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    I’d like to use this plugin over other debug bar plugins (cause it’s awesome!) but it’s conflicting with my existing admin bar (which I actually use and like).

    How do you guys get around this? I could bump it down but it would still cover menu options. Likewise if I bumped the adminbar down.

    Changing the position to bottom: 0 seems to work. Is that the best thing to do?

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  • This is something I have been wondering about myself. I think the much better solution would be to integrate it into the admin bar itself rather than changing the position on the screen.

    I’m a little surprised it isn’t already this way, just because the plugin itself is already so great, it seems like it just makes more sense to do it that way.

    WordPress has authored their own debug bar plugin (“Debug Bar“) that integrates this way (although it’s not nearly as good as this one IMO) which could be used as a reference. There are even some plugins that extend that plugin with some extra features. Perhaps there could be a blackbox extension as well?

    I really hope this is an upcoming feature. Please please please!

    I’ll be sharing my version of this plugin which places it at the bottom and only shows if you’re logged in as the network admin (super admin).

    I may get around to integrating it into the admin bar with small icons instead of big words. A few of my projects have a cramped admin bar as is (after modifying it to be fixed-width).

    The plugin was last updated more than a year ago, I’m not sure how active the original developer is anymore.

    Here’s a 0.1.3 version which updates the blackbox bar position to the bottom to not clash with the wp admin bar, only shows to superadmins and only on the front end. If you’d like it to show on the back end, open index.php and remove the first if statement.


    I’ll post back here again if I make a version which embeds into the WP adminbar.

    @archonic you sir are the man, I was looking for exactly this. I thought it weird that the bar showed up when a user is not logged in… Thanks so much for posting to the modded plugin and saving me (and I’m sure a lot of ppl) some time.



    Thanks Greg and @archonic for this plugin – it will be very helpful!

    The site I’m supporting has a membership database and so I wanted to restrict the plugin to specific users and to also have it show in wp-admin, so I changed Hook.php as follows:

    i changed this…

    if (is_super_admin()) {
       apply_filters('debug', 'Profiler Stopped');
       include_once BLACKBOX_DIR."/application/debug-bar.php";

    … to this ….

    global $current_user;
    $debug_users = array("", "");
    if (in_array($current_user->user_email, $debug_users))
      apply_filters('debug', 'Profiler Stopped');
      include_once BLACKBOX_DIR."/application/debug-bar.php";


    Glad it helped!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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