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  • Using 3.1.1 of WP and the latest version of Blackbird Pie.

    Getting a lot of “Problem Connecting to Twitter” when using Blackbird Pie.

    drafting a blog post that contains 20-30 embedded tweets, the first 15 or so show up no problem, however, the last 15 or so show “problem connecting to twitter” when previewing the blog post.

    I have not edited the Blackbird Pie plugin, except for a few CSS items (make the tweet display 100% width, change font size, change border size), so nothing that would impact its functionality.

    Blog is at – Previous posts have worked with Blackbird pie just fine, however, my latest one, still in draft mode, is not.

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  • okay, you know this would fix itself the minute I asked for help.

    Anyways, after a day of saving, refreshing, etc, all of the tweets are embedding correctly now, however, I wanted to bring this to the Dev’s attention in case they can offer an explanation.

    When baking in tweets, sometimes, they all work, no problem, other times, as I stated earlier, only half do, and the other half will start working after 12-24 hours of saving and refreshing.

    Does that make sense?

    What would case all of the tweets to not bake at the same time?

    Alright, no update from anyone, just wanted to add to this, I found that with Blackbird Pie, should some of the tweets not bake in, and show the error of “Problem Connecting to Twitter” – Try De-activating and then re-activating the plugin, and all should come out.. at least it has worked that way for me.

    Still no reply from the developers?

    new blog post, added 10 tweets to be baked in, all of them are showing as “problem connecting to twitter” even after save/refresh/deactivate/activate

    Hey Justin,

    I have had issues in the past where the connection to twitter fails and you cannot get the tweet info back. That is usually intermittent and not as common a problem as you seem to be having. I have also seen times where guys would get the “problem connecting to twitter” message, but when they send me the URL to the post it all comes through perfectly. It’s almost as if twitter is throttling requests from that person’s IP. This is only a guess though so I am not sure. Try creating a page (I say page and not post so it does not get addedd to your RSS feed etc) and add all the tweets and send me the URL so I can check if it looks ok.

    The next step would be to give you a modified version of the plugin to get back a better error result to try and debug this issue further.

    Please let me know


    I am thinking along the lines of you as a twitter throttle or something like an automated script running at set intervals.

    For example, on the scenario I explained above, was writing a new post yesterday, put in about 10-12 tweets, when I would preview the post, none of them would show up. Deactivated, reactivated the plugin, still nothing. That is when I came back here and posted the updates here, etc.

    I went back, finished writing the post, saved it again, hit preview, and they all showed up, this about 2-3 hours later.

    I guess, and I know this blows for troubleshooting, is that is it is never 100% all of the time. Sometimes, it works damn perfect on the first shot. Other times, seems like it takes hours for the tweets to appear.

    If you want to see it, would probably be best to hook up on twitter/email so I can create the page and show it to you fairly quickly after creating the page and go about testing like that.

    Let me know how you would like to proceed.

    Hi Justin

    I think this is the problem –

    It seems you are only allowed 150 calls to the API per hour, and it returns HTTP 400 response codes when the limit is reached which is not very helpful at all.

    There is a method to get back the number of requests left (, so I will try and leverage that info to return a better response than the non helpful “problem connecting to twitter” error you know so well 🙂

    I understand the thought process with the rate limiting, but I guess where I am missing the point here is how am I (the plugin/site) hitting that rate limit?

    My understanding is once the tweet is baked into the HTML of the page/post, it doesnt make any more calls to Twitter. So I guess that does not explain how you can put up a post/page and only the first half/portion of the tweets show up, yet the 2nd half dont.

    for example, I had not been doing any work on my site, I popped on there on Monday this week, created a new post with about 10-12 tweets. First time viewing the draft, all the tweets have a “problem connecting to twitter”. 15-20 minutes later, they all work.


    When you get the “Problem connecting to twitter” error, try visiting this URL :

    and see what value you get for remaining_hits

    If that is not zero, then there is another issue at hand here

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