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[Resolved] [Plugin: Black Studio TinyMCE Widget] Works except with my paid theme's shortcode generator

  • We’re using U-Design theme (purchased at themeforest.net) on http://WinAPrizeHome.com.au & when I installed Black Studio TinyMCE plugin, I went into the Widgets area to use it.
    After placing & saving 1 instance in a Homepage Column 3 widget provided by the U-D theme, all the TinyMCE buttons were there including U-D’s orange shortcodes icon.
    I saved this widget then clicked on the U-D icon to create a shortcode for a button, as a test. After clicking the INSERT button in the shortcode generator’s popup dialog, Ithere was NO shortcode placed in the TMCE editor screen in your widget.
    All the WP icons work; just the U-D doesn’t. It DOES WORK in the normal page/post TMCE still.
    I deactivated then reactivated all plugins, flushed all caches, still no-go with U-D’s shortcode being generated in your widget.
    I can email you a temporary Administrator login if it will help you check it out. And I can also email screenshots depicting the problem bits.
    You can find out more info about U-Design theme at ThemeForest.net/item/udesign-wordpress-theme/253220
    I tried WYSIWYG Widget before I tried yours but it wouldn’t even come close to showing up any buttons (quickly uninstalled it!). Then I found your comment about BS-TMCE on his forum post & Voila. Nice, people.
    Andon provides great support for his U-Design theme usage to customers so you may find the solution through him, if you can’t find it yourself.
    Black Studio TinyMCE is a superb plugin in its functionality. If we can get it to work along with U-Design’s shortcode generator, which is part of his amazing theme, then we’ll be in Seventh Heaven, so to speak!
    Hear from you soon & thanks.


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  • Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hi Brentz,
    thanks for your report. We own a U-Design license as we used it for one of our projects, so we should be able to check this issue without the need of an admin login to your site. We’ll keep you updated in this thread.

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hello again,
    I found the problem is in the way the U-Design Shortcode Insert Button plugin inserts the code in the editor. When a user inserts a shortcode using this plugin, the script looks for a (wysiwyg) textarea with a hardcoded name (“content”), which only works for post/pages content areas, and not for other editor instances (this is not limited to TinyMCE widgets). Recently we had this exact problem with NextGen shortcode editor button (see details).

    As a temporary workaround you may want to modify the source code of the U-Design plugin, in file /plugins/udesign-shortcode-insert-button/tinymce/window.php around line 264,
    change this line:
    window.tinyMCE.execInstanceCommand('content', 'mceInsertContent', false, shortcodetext);
    to this:
    window.tinyMCE.execInstanceCommand(window.tinyMCE.activeEditor.id, 'mceInsertContent', false, shortcodetext);

    I will post to U-Design support forum asking them to make this modification.


    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Here’s the link to the U-design support forum post regarding this issue:

    Followed your instructions, retested your plugin with U-Design theme & the Widget section & yep, they’re very happy working together now. Glad that Andon is going to adjust the code at his end too.

    The best plugin bar none & I’ve certainly tested & used a few, I tell you.

    Have sent you a Thank You donation, Marco; should be able to buy a beer or cappuccino with biscotto!

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Brentwz, thanks a lot for your appreciation and for the donation.

    Marco, when using Black Studio TinyMCE widget, its widget window is a little cut-off on the right-hand side, such that the U-Design icon is barely visible for selection.

    Can you squeeze a few more pixels into the width of it somehow?

    No real drama if you can’t adjust it, as I can JUST click the edge of it. (I was going to send a screenshot showing the size problem but this Comments box hasn’t got an Attachment function, sorry.)

    PS The more I use this widget, the more I get done without having to copy code. Thanks again, mate. This is the next best thing out of Italy since Ducati’s, hey!

    Plugin Author Marco Chiesi


    Hi Brentwz,
    Ok, I will increase the width in the next release.
    Thanks again for your appreciation.

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