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  • The Bind User to Category (BUtoC) plugin interferes with the Visual Form Builder (VFB) plugin. I verified this on my local WP install by Activating/Deactivating BUtoC.

    Workaround: Whenever you need to alter or create a VFB form, just deactivate the BUtoC plugin, work with VFB, and reactivate BUtoC afterward. The BUtoC settings remain saved, even though you deactivated and reactivated it, so no loss from doing that.

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  • Tony, the Bind User to Category plugin hasn’t been updated since 2008(!). In fact, I wrote a plugin a while back called Restrict Categories that should be a nice replacement and will work just fine with or without Visual Form Builder.

    Hi Matthew,
    Your Restrict Categories works fine, but it doesn’t do what I need, while Bind User to Category does, that is, it idiot-proofs posts by automatically assigning them to the categories I want the users to post to. I have some users (authors) whose posts only should go to a particular restricted area as defined by a specific Category, and I can’t count on them remembering to assign the correct category to make it go there, Bind User to Category accomplishes this — no matter if they don’t select a category of if they select another one from the one I want them to use, Bind User to Category makes sure it gets posted in the Category that I want. So, it’s worth the extra effort to activate/deactivate the plugin whenever I have to edit or create a new Visual Form Builder form.

    TonyFFH: I think it would help so much if you can post any error message you get when trying to use both plugins together.

    Without any error message or any equivalent debug information is impossible to track and fix the problem.

    There isn’t any error message, it’s just that Visual Form Builder doesn’t respond properly. The Fieldset functions don’t work. You can’t edit any existing field types and you can’t add any new field types to the form. Also, the Confirmation settings don’t open with appropriate dialogs. You can copy forms and create blank forms and fill in any open text fields such as the Email details fields, but the buttons for creating and editing fields don’t function as long as Bind User to Category is Active.

    Tony, the Bind User to Category plugin is out of date and how it’s adding JavaScript to the page is breaking Visual Form Builder. It’s going to break other stuff as well (such as the WordPress flyouts).

    Like you found out earlier, if you want to use VFB properly, you’ll have to deactivate Bind User to Category each time.

    I’ve not found any problems with other plugins from Bind User to Category, only with Visual Form Builder. It would be great if someone could update BUtoC, since it’s the only solution I’ve found to idiot-proofing users posting to a specific category.

    This is the error. Someone please address this!

    I’m using it in conjunction with Gravity Forms.

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