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  • Resolved biggfutt



    I am constantly getting the small redbox with this error message

    Epic Failure: could not send the message please try again
    my host uses
    php, latest stable version: 3.5.2
    my SQL server: 5.0.95-community-log
    client vers MySQL: 4.1.22
    I have several errors on my site but none of them related to java script.
    have a look please at my website in the contact tab and give me an solution to my issue.

    Best regards

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  • Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    Hi Biggfutt,

    the error you receive is because your server is unable to add the message to the outgoing mail queue. Which means the wp_mail function returns false and is unable to complete its job. Check with your hosting provider to see why you are unable to send emails from your server.

    can be fixed from cpanel?
    or it needs the intervention of the sys server admin?

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    Do you get emails from the site when someone leaves a comment?

    i can send and receive emails , i am geting coments
    i still getting

    Epic Failure: could not send the message please try again

    when somebody try to use the contact feature from this plugin

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    please install version 1.3.2 I will be able to trouble shoot your setup and be more provide help.

    ok… done

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    hi Biggfutt,

    the problem could be from your hosting service. Again you are not able to send emails because the server is unable to queue the messages for delivery and the mail function returns false. Send me an email at I need to look at your set up. I am curious to find the problem and help you get the mail function to work.


    for security reasons most hosts droping the php-mail.
    seems like my host has php-mail deactivated.
    the best thing would be the implementation of the smtp protocol in the plugin and alongside with the smtp protocol also some settings for smtp setup in the plugin settings.
    Believe me it will spare you from a lot of headaches and will give the plugin a lot more appreciation.


    Plugin Author arianKhosravi



    the plugin uses the wp_mail function which is the default sendmail function WordPress uses. There will be more issues if I used something else. Contact your hosting account to enable mail.

    ok i solved partialy but it wasn’t from my host i use an smtp plugin….now the main trouble looks to be that the contact form succesfully sending the emails but the emails not reaching to me….will gonna research a bit more

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    For this contact your hosting if there is any routing issues.

    all solved

    same to me!!

    but i use mandrill plugin for sending emails. I get the emails from the form but each sender gets the error message above, see

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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