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  • Plugin Author Big Employee


    Halo Thomas,

    try hitting the enter key after modifying the labels.

    I hope this fixes it.

    Thanks for downloading and using BigContact.


    nope … this is what I did and it isn’t working 🙁

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    Can you provide more information about your WordPress installation setup? is WordPress installed in the root directory of your server? Did you setup a different directory for the plugins? do you have java-script turned on? The only 2 ways i have been able to replicate this problem is when the scripts aren’t loaded properly or the plugin cannot find the installation directory of WordPress to load necessary core files.

    Same problem, changes don’t save. I’m running WordPress 3.3.2, installed in the root directory, javascript enabled, plugin in the standard plugin folder.

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    hi Allisons,

    Have you downloaded the latest version of the plugin(1.1.4)? And what changes are not taking effect.


    Hi, yes I was using 1.1.4. Like Thomas, the field name changes aren’t saving when I hit the enter key.

    Plugin Author NorikDavtian


    Hi Allisons,

    We have fixed this issue in version 1.1.6
    Does your problem persist or it has been resolved with recent updates?

    Thanks for using BigContact, and please do not forget to rate us 5Stars.



    Where can I download your 1.1.6v ?

    I just tried your 1.1.4v, but Send Email not sending. How can I totally remove it from my system, and then install 1.1.6v ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi



    please upgrade to the latest version any other version is no longer supported and unavailable for download. If you get an

    Email successfully sent

    message but the emails are not being sent then you should look into your server’s settings.

    Also create new posts instead of posting irrelevant question to the original post.

    Thanks for using BigContact, and please do not forget to rate us 5Stars.


    Hello it is me again…

    sorry to say, but the problem is not solved. I installed your new version but changes won’t still save.

    – Newest WordPress version (german version)
    – Newest Plugin version
    – Wordpres installes in root
    – Javascript turned on
    – Standard plugin directory


    Plugin Author Big Employee


    Hi Thomas,

    If changes are not saving or you cant get confirmation when email is sent then there is a problem with the JSON object the scripts return. Some of the things that can go wrong are:

    JSON was added in PHP 5.2. Even if PHP is 5.2 or newer(WP requirements) make sure it wasn’t compiled with –disable– json.

    Warnings and notices should be disabled in the production server. Even though, all PHP warnings/errors/notices are turned on in our development machines we cannot produce any errors/warnings/notices. If PHP notices are enabled, that might cause a broken JSON object being returned.

    There may be other plugins/themes that are causing Errors(Someone else had similar problems and their site was filled with JS errors).

    P.S. Browser plugins (popup blocker, flash blocker, ad blocker, …) inject extra scripts in the pages. Make sure there are no conflict there either.


Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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