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  • Plugin Author NorikDavtian


    what is your current php version?
    could you run a simple php mail test and tell me the results?
    Change the variables and save this code in a file and run it.

    $to = "";
    $subject = "Test mail";
    $message = "Hello! This is a simple email message.";
    $from = "";
    $headers = "From:" . $from;
    echo "Mail Sent.";

    I am having the exact same issue. The form is not sending at all.

    I really like all the features but this site needs to be launched by early next week and the form doesn’t work.

    I’m hosted on dreamhost and is running the default PHP-CGI.

    I tried disabling all other plugins and still nothing.

    Everything displays properly but just doesn’t seem to work right.

    ok the form is sending. But I’m still not getting a confirmation.

    Here’s the page in question

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    hi yellowmultimedia,

    please make sure your site runs without any errors. Your site contains over 68 JavaScipt errors. The errors appear on all pages of your site not just the contact page. Also, update your php to the latest version we will not support PHP v5.2 or less and turn off php notices on the production server.



    BigContact looks awesome! However, when I hit “Send email,” the circle logo spins forever and the message does not send. I run PHP 5.2.17. Here is my page:

    Awesome plug-in, thanks for the help!


    Your plugin is great. But I am also experiencing same issue. As soon as I hit Send Mail, the circle starts spining forever. I have PHP ver 5.3.13. Link to my contact us page is….

    Thanks for Your help.

    hello, I just want to add to my previous issue that I do get my emails but on contact page circle keeps spinning.


    I am getting an error every time I try to send a contact page email:

    Epic Failure: could not send the message please try again

    Thank you.

    Plugin Author NorikDavtian


    @diggaloo I disabled javascript on your site and tested the form, and your server does not seem to be able to send emails out, and that’s why you keep seeing an endless spinning icon because no response gets returned. Please use the above code to see if your PHP mail function is working.

    @jpannu Thanks for reporting this bug, we will fix this on next iteration, soon. Please ignore the emails I sent through your form.

    @cartertechnologist the only condition for you to get that error is when PHP mail can not send out emails. Please use the code I provided above to test your server outgoing email functionality.

    how do you run the test? i am getting the same error as everyone else. my site is can you please help? thank you. i love the plugin and just cannot wait til it functions!

    i am running PHP 5.3.13 via (hosting)

    it will work using my personal address (gmail), but not with my POP mail address ( also, even though i am receiving the emails, it doesn’t fix the issue where the progress loop continues to spin…it never acknowledges to the customer that the email was sent…it just looks like it is still processing the request. how can this be fixed?

    Plugin Author NorikDavtian


    @samo412 the reason you can get emails to your gmail but not your own domain is an issue you need to talk to your hosting provider. if you have a cache all email on check that to see if your emails have ended up somewhere on your server or not. But definitely the way you are describing it is not an issue that has to do with the plugin.

    The spinner never finishing the process is currently a small known bug that happens on some configurations and we plan to release a fix for it on next version of Big Contact.

    thank you. once that is fixed i am happy to give 5 stars!

    This plugin does nothing.. on contact page it says “Message delivered successfully” but no email is delivered.. 🙁

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