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  • Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    Is your server configured to send emails correctly? What WordPress/PHP/MySql versions are you using? Internal Error means your server generated an error on the send email script.

    can you explain the steps you take to get this error?

    I use Virtual host,the sendmail_path is ‘no value’,PHP Version mysql Client API version is’5.2.10′
    I used the plugins named ‘Configure SMTP’ Still does not work

    My server system is windows2003 server

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    have you configured your php.ini file for windows server? make sure sendmail_from field is configured and remove the semicolon to uncomment that line. Also uncomment mail.add_x_header and set its value to On.
    here are some other links on configuring windows server mail. ctrl+f windows server 2003
    configuring smtp in php.ini

    [mail function]
    ; For Win32 only.
    SMTP = localhost
    smtp_port = 25
    ; For Win32 only.
    ;sendmail_from =

    My comments function is normal,I have configured my php.ini,but BigContact still do not work

    I can receive the e-mail from comments

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    try the new version v1.3.1

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    Is the problem fixed? also a link to your site will be helpful for debugging

    hmm i got the same problem..
    email from comments no problem, but also with BigContact, the same error message..

    im a totally newbie with wordpress,.. i dont understand any code.. im trying to get better.. but this problem is to big for me now..
    need some help also..

    my link to my still-under-construction site is:

    the BigContact thingy is to be found under CONTACT

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    hi Riezz,

    The problem on your site is that the contact-json.php file is not found and returns a 404 error. Make sure the content directory has the appropriate read/write permissions.

    hmm i have found the specific file,.. changed the permissions of the whole bigcontactmap via Filezilla.. but still the same error :S

    what do i wrong :S
    and what are the appropiate read/write permissions for the map..

    Plugin Author arianKhosravi


    Please try the new version 1.3.5 that should do the trick

    I have version 1.3.7 And its doing it to me too 🙁

    Plugin Author NorikDavtian


    @maximusmccullough This is not a plugin issue.
    Most probably you are getting a 404 page if you access any external php files in your plugins folder.

    So here are steps to check if your server is sending email, or not.
    Create a send.php file and paste this code in it and upload it to root of your website and access it via typing the address in url

    $to = ""; // change to your email
    $subject = "Test mail";
    $message = "Hello! This is a simple email message.";
    $from = "";
    $headers = "From:" . $from;
    echo "Mail Sent.";

    If you get the email, you are good, else check your server email.
    If you got the email from the test script and you still get “Cannot Send Email: Internal Error” then it might be your file permissions. Make sure that directory permission is not 777, change it to 755 and test it.

    You should be fine.
    Also please rate us a 5 star if you like this plugin

    Hi I really like your plugin, but its not working in my site, even using WP-Mail-SMTP and still not working.

    I`ve tested your file above (send.php) , receive no error, but never receive the email.

    Dont know what to do.

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