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[Plugin: Better WP Security] wp_bwps_log file is bloating MySQL database (480MB Size!) (4 posts)

  1. mrunal_patel
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've two problems
    1. Despite clearing the log-files of BWP security from my dashboard, they still remain in the MySQL database, so mysql database is like 500+MB.
    2. How do I stop the Better WordPress security from creating log files in future?

    I've about 700 posts and 3000 comments on my site.
    Yet mysql database was 529MB!
    So whenever I wanted to take backup, the various backup plugins simply won't work and give errors like

    "Database error MySQL server has gone away for query"


    "Cannot allocate sufficient memory"

    So, I manually checked the mysql database to find out how did it became 500+MB?
    and then I came to know that
    "wp_bwps_log" column had 480MB size!

    Then, I went to
    Wordpress dashboard> Better WP Security >"Logs" tab.
    I clicked the blue botton to remove the old datalogs.
    But yet, the "wp_bwps_log" column remained 480MB in size. (Ya I reloaded the page, cleared the cache but "wp_bwps_log" column still had 480MB)
    so, I manually give command in phpmyadmin, to empty this "wp_bwps_log"
    When I emptied it, the sql size reduced to barely 47MB.
    And now I'm again able to take backups of my site using various plug-ins.

    However, the "wp_bwps_log" still continues to grow in size every minute.
    so please tell me how do I shut down this logging process?


  2. Are you saying clear logs didn't erase the tables or was the mysql overhead the reason for the 480MB? In the case of the former I can look at and fix that. For the latter it's a little trickier. Myisam tables need to be optimized to get rid of the overhead of deleted table rows. There unfortunately isn't much I can do about that.

    Here's another thought. What if I added an option that would clear out older entries/ Perhaps the user could specify the number of days? I've been hesitant to do this so far as security logs can be pretty important and, until your case, I hadn't seen any logs that large (my own largest site which gets 1000 - 2000 uniques a day has a BWPS log of about 30MB after running since March). I'm definitely willing to work on this I just want to make sure any solution I implement will work for ya'll.

  3. mrunal_patel
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Are you saying clear logs didn't erase the tables

    Yes. That's the problem, I checked it one more time. Even if I clear the logs through dashboard, they still show in the sql file under phpmyadmin. So I've to manually empty the table every once in a while.

    I hadn't seen any logs that large (my own largest site which gets 1000 - 2000 uniques a day has a BWPS log of about 30MB after running since March)

    Well earlier I had blogspot, and then I moved to self hosted wordpress.
    While most of the posts got successfully imported, some articles couldn't get imported. So plenty of 404s on my site. To fix them, I would have to manually write those articles again - which is too tiresome and boring, so I keep the site as it is. That's how I got 480MB log file. :(

    But yes, I confirm the bug that

  4. shyguytwo
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Obviously nothing has happened as I have the same problem. My BWPS-Log is growing to several 100 megabytes within a few days. Maybe a problem with HyperCache?

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