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[resolved] [Plugin: Better WP Security] Upgrading to 3.4.2 with redirected WordPress Site (10 posts)

  1. dukejames27
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Using the following codex, I gave my WordPress site it's own directory. BWPS had already been installed, with security features enabled and hiding the backend.


    I'm interested in upgrading from 3.4.1 to 3.4.2. Considering that I have 2 .htaccess files (root and sub-directory), will I have issues upgrading?

    If so, what are the instructions for upgrading?



  2. If you have 2 WordPress installs ( root and subdir) you will have issues. If WordPress is only in the subdirectory you should be fine.

  3. dukejames27
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hi Bit51.

    I do not have 2 WordPress installs; only 1.

    I wanted people to enter http://www.domain.com rather than http://www.domain.com/wordpress. In order to achieve this, I used the codex from the link I provided in my last post. Specifically the instructions for
    Using a pre-existing subdirectory install

    Basically, I had to copy the .htaccess and index.php files to the root directory. Then, configure the index.php to point to the subdirectory.

    I'm gathering that the .htaccess file is modified with BWPS but I'm not sure if both of them are. If only the .htaccess file in he subdirectory is modified, I don't know how that affects the sites functionality.

    Please advise. Thanks!

  4. Ah ha....

    ...disabling and reenabling the plugin will rewrite the .htaccess rules which should fix it as long as all the references in your options table for the WordPress core are pointing to the correct place (check your general WordPress settings).

  5. dukejames27
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I was thinking of doing that and then comparing the two .htaccess files. I'm going to try and replicate this environment as a test tomorrow. I'll provide my findings after the test. Thanks!

  6. dukejames27
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Using a subdomain, I've created a test environment to see if the .htaccess file would be changed when making BWPS changes.

    1.) I deactivated and deleted BWPS from the subdomain using WordPress.

    2.) I then made the subdomain redirect to my wordpress site, using the same instructions as above.

    3.) Next, I installed BWPS 3.4.1 and mirrored the settings from my main site.

    After looking at both .htaccess files, I learned that none of the changes made to the subdirectories .htaccess file were copied to the roots .htaccess file. Because of this, an important change such as "Hide Backend" wasn't implemented correctly. I should be able to go to


    instead of


    The default ban list wasn't saved on the roots .htaccess file either.

    Is there anyway that BWPS could detect if two .htaccess files are in use and make the appropiate changes to both?

  7. dukejames27
    Posted 3 years ago #

    In terms of upgrading BWPS, are there any .htaccess file changes?

  8. dukejames27
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I've done an update of BWPS and compared the original .htaccess with the new one from the subdirectory using Notepad++. It appears that line number 61 is different. It appends the subdirectory name where as the original did not.

    I'm not sure if this information helps but the site does appear to be working. I'm now going to attmept the final step of merging the updated subdirectory .htaccess file, with the one in the root directory.

  9. dukejames27
    Posted 3 years ago #

    The merge was successful!

    The only problem is, if I ever have to upgrade or make a modification to BWPS, I'll have to compare both .htaccess files using a tool such as Notepad++.

    I don't understand why the .htaccess file was different after the upgrade.

    I don't understand why the .htaccess file isn't modified at both locations. Is this something hard coded into BWPS?

  10. Duke, BWPS only updates the .htaccess file it sees in the root of the WordPress installation by design. If it was to leave the WordPress installation it could easily break other applications that are located on the machine.

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