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  • Gday WPBS users. I’m a bit freaked out. I installed WPBS, chose the one-click change. Then accepted the backup option when changing the user 1 ID. Immediately upon changing the table prefix ID I was asked to re-install WordPress. I really didn’t know why but figured I’d follow the steps.

    Now when I log in, there is just an empty WP installation.

    The webpage itself is no longer visible.

    Any ideas?

    My FTP shows the files in place, htaccess is empty and unwritable.

    Is there any way to revert the effects? I don’t have access to the plugin as I can’t access anything of the original installation.



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  • Are you using a non-english version of WordPress? Try checking that the proper prefix is located in wp-config.php.

    I have a similar issue, the wordpress etc, works and first page of my theme but anything after ‘/’ does not load and get error 404 :/

    glowflare, your issue is different. Check your permalink settings.

    G’day Bit51, thanks for your help with this. To answer your question i wasn’t using a non-English version. I ended up reinstalling a backup. However, when I have some time this next couple of days I will try it again, but this time I will capture the screen in video, to post if I have the same issue.



    Thanks Darryl,

    If it does fail try changing the prefix manually in wp-config.php and please let me know whether or not that works.

    We are having the exact same issue. We are not using a localized version of WordPress and I checked the wp-config.php file.

    It reads define(‘WPLANG’, ‘en_US’);

    What could other causes be for this?

    Thank you.

    The same issue here…

    First I thought there might be a database problem, but checked that and all my posts are still there. So I thought there might be a conflict between some plugins. Unfurtunate I couldn’t figure out what plugins might have a conflict so I’ve done a fresh install of WordPress.

    The first plugin I installed in the new install was WPBS. After making my preferred settings in the plugin the same thing happened. WordPress wouldn’t show any of my posts or pages. Both front- and back-end showed no posts.

    I checked the wp-config for the table prefix, but no issues there.

    When I FTPed to the site and renamed the WPBS folder (and thereby basically disabling it) my posts showed up again.

    I’m still trying to figure out what setting in WPBS triggered this. Any thoughts?



    Figured out the setting that is causing this: Enable File Change Detection

    As soon as it is enabled basically almost all content dissapeares. Through the admin interface it is still possible to manage WPBS at this point but changes aren’t saved anymore. The only way to get wordpress to show content again is to disable the File Change Detection feature by manually deleting the value for option name bwps_filecheck in table options.

    Hope my input helps narrowing down things.

    tublo…I THINK I’m having the same issue…but if I can’t get into the admin panel…how do I make this change? Is what you’re saying mean making a manual edit via PHPmyadmin?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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