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  • This plug-in is evidently quite complex… I watched all 35 minutes of video and understand there are several things that I could do to break things during configuration.

    I have an obscure DB prefix in use already so no need to enable that option.

    I won’t be changing wp-content since the site is already in use and that option evidently messes things up.

    I’m running BuddyPress and bbPress if that’s important.

    I would like most of the other options available in Better WP Security. The big question though… if the developer abandons the project, gets hit by falling space debris… whatever… and the project no longer advances along with the WP updates, will I be looking at some significant effort to ‘put things back the way they were’?

    As I noted, there is plenty going on with this plug-in, so I need to be quite confident it isn’t going to modify my site to a level that will present a problem for me in the future!

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  • The only things that wouldn’t reverse in the event of an uninstall are the wp-content and database renaming. Everything else will revert to the way it was.

    Thanks Chris, if it’s that reversible I’ll get configuring right away!




    @bit51: Fat lie. Uninstalling the plugin does not reverse the mess with _user ID 1 and Gravatar problem!

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    That probably could have been phrased a little friendlier, don’t you think…?

    From the plugin’s FAQ page:

    It is possible that something will break. That said, under no circumstances do I release this plugin with any warranty, implied or otherwise, and at no time will I take any responsibility for any damage that might arise from the use of this plugin. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS BACKUP BEFORE TRYING NEW SOFTWARE!

    The emphasis is mine, but it always pays to read the instructions.

    I think you mean that your account was changed/switched via this plugin but I’m not 100% sure. If you can (nicely) explain what you are referring to then maybe someone can walk you through correcting it.



    I meant no disrespect towards the plugin author. He has surely done a great job. But the issue (discussed here) shows that there is a big issue.

    There should be a special warning at a certain point about a certain inevitable change (deleting User ID 1) that can only be reversed by uninstalling the plugin and restoring a specific database (_users).

    Plugin author at lots of settings warns about this or that possible problem. But where it really counts there are no warnings at all.

    Plus the author here states that the issue (with disappeared Gravatar) will be reversed on uninstallation of the plugin, which is not true. Hence, the lie.



    I really hope that the plugin author didn’t know about the issue and will somehow correct it. I will, however, not go back to the plugin as the whole mess has already caused me a little nervous breakdown (I am not the only one apparently). )))) Luckily I was able to figure out how to resolve the issue.

    Again, cheers to the plugin author and hope he keeps up the good work!

    samarlife I’ve replied to your other post. Thank you for reporting the bug (to date you are one of only 2 incidences of the issue). Please check your other post and we’ll get it back from there.

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