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    I tried logging into the iOS app for wordpress and after a few failed attempts, my ability to view my website was gone. All I got was this:

    After 1 hour, I had Host Gator disable the plugin from my cPanel and I was able to view my website. But now I am unable to use the app because each time I reinstall the app, the same error pops up and they(Host Gator) has to disable it. They backed up my htaccess and put a new one in and the issue stayed. They were unable to find where the IP’s are stored so in the end I removed the app. The plugin is GREAT! I loved it…until this happened. Can someone tell me how to fix this so I can use the app again?

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  • You have 1 of 2 things happening….

    ….you’re login in the app is bad resulting in a lockout.


    you are getting a lockout due to too many 404 errors (missing images, scripts, etc).

    Looking at the logs in BWPS should help you find which one and, if it’s 404 errors, should help you find where the errors are to fix them. In either case this is actually intended behavior based on the thresholds set for those features.



    It is safe to say it is due to a lockout, because I failed my log in a few times on the WordPress iOS app. Though, Google Webmaster was telling me I was getting a lot of 404 errors plus I was getting lockout notices from IP’s across the world(2-5/day) a week or so after I came to wordpress and started using the Plugin.

    But as I said, it is safe to say it is the lockout due to the timing. I refuse to re-install that plugin until I can find a way to delete all data from my CPanel so I won’t get blocked from viewing my website again as soon as the plugin is installed and activated. Can you help there?

    PLUS: My normal wordpress log in URL goes missing as soon as I activate the app so logging in from another IP is out of the question. 🙁

    If using the Intrusion Detection, You might try to use the Securtiy/Intrusion Detection/404 White List/ (add your IP here).

    When I tried to use the intrusion detection, I also was locked out of my site due to to many 404’s. When I added my IP, I was at least not blocked from loggin in after that.

    I have no idea why, although my install is multisite and was a fresh installation. I have the feeling that there are some things in the multisite or a few plugins, that were hard coded and didn’t like some of the other settings and made it so it couldn’t find things. But, with this section off, everything worked fine.

    I have not had time to try and figure this out either.



    That is the thing. I can’t use the app. If I activate it, I get locked out. The app is unusable until I am able to find every file it damaged and fox it. Host Gator advised I not bother with it. The damage is likely my fault and my having every security risk get fixed by this thing but that’s just how it is.

    That can happen if you have problems with an existing site. Sorry to hear about your issues.

    @knobby44 I’ve had problems with some plugins with the hard-coding issues but mostly it’s themes. Sometimes I feel like theme devs never get rid of links to anything they no longer use in their themes. At this point I have all my sites on either Genesis themes or Standard theme and the issues have almost completely disappeared.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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