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  • Hello,
    and here is my problem which i just found on my website.

    After i complete the registration form and pressing submit button my browser doing nothing just stayed stuned to registration page the fields are clean but no registration occure and no new user been created.
    If i disable Better WP Security Plugin my registration form works normaly as it should.
    I tried to disable some other login plugins (Social login and Pie register) but it has no effect.
    I tryed to rollback Better WP security down to 3.0 but it has no effect as well.
    It’s hard for to me to remember the dates but when i tuned everyting up (about 2 month ago, before 3.2.2) everything works fine.

    So maby someone can give me an idea how to rule this.

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  • Are you using anything else for registration or is the any unusual requirement when registering? Also, have you looked at Firebug or any other utilities to see what’s if there are any errors being thrown?

    My hunch is your registration setup is probably incompatible with the “Filter suspicious query strings” setting under “System Tweaks.” Please try turning that option off and let me know if it solves the issue.

    Hi, and thx for answer.
    I disabled other login plugins (Social Login & Pie Register) for now, so i have only clean WP login form and no any unusual requirements.
    Where are no special errors which can be visible in Chrome Dev. mode as well.
    “Filter suspicious query strings” is disabled and gives no effect.

    But i also found what if i Disable “Enable Hide Backend” option, my login form begins to work as it should, without disabling whole plugin.
    So hiding backend maby become glitchy in my case for somehow. I’m absolutely sure what it’s work normaly when i configured everything initialy.

    Well, i also forgot to mention, that my site use SSL in login process, maby this is important.

    Disable “Enable Hide Backend” solved my (similar) problem as well and I have use SSL. Thanks dKoka!

    Hello. I’ve been searching the forums and this thread is the most recent I can find on this topic.

    I’m having the “Enable Hide Backend” and nothing happens when a new Registration is tried issue.

    Is there any way to hide the login and have reg work?
    [that’s basically my question, but what I’ve done to test below…]

    For testing, I just did a fresh install of WP3.5.1, no plugins, no themes. Only settings changed from default install, check the “Anyone can register” box in General Settings and set Permalinks (month and name is that matters).

    Download and install Better WP Security 3.5.2 via the plugins page (my normal procedure would be to ftp, but I wanted to strip down to the bare minimum here).

    Activate BWPS, skip a backup, click the one-click basic set-up.

    /wp-login.php?action=register works ok

    set the Enable Hide Backend checkbox, try again..
    /register redirects fine to /wp-login.php?mqt01lhkluoy3pcgfzljs&action=register
    fill in Username and E-mail, click Register, the page refreshes with form cleared and no new User created, nor any emails.

    other stats…
    shared linux server, but first saw this on a dedicated server
    not SSL
    htaccess has the BWPS entries written to it ok

    If you’ve gotten this far and are still reading, thanks for taking the time.
    Any info or workarounds (besides Disable the hide) is much appreciated.

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