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  1. chiron34
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Let me start by saying that I don't have a problem or difficulty with the operation of Version 3.4.4 of Better WP Security. I was simply wondering if there was a learned paper or video somewhere that explained in some detail how to interpret the Better WP Security WordPress File Change Warnings that are sent periodically to a website owner's email account.

    I have been successfully using the Plugin for some time now and receiving regular warnings. As I am still building my site, there is quite a bit of activity and I have presumed that the plugin is reporting on my own activities.

    However, some changes that have been notified to me are unexplainable, but I cannot see any changes in my site's operations or any deterioration in my site's operations.

    My problem, put simply, is that I don't know how to read or interpret the Warning Messages. Can anyone help?



  2. gcampton
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I know this doesn't answer your question but... Turn it off until you have finished development? That would be my best guess. Seems a bit silly that you would worry about this while still in development anyway not like you could or are going to loose years of hard work.

    My advice - Make sure you have a good backup system in place, I use 'XCloner' because, I just prefer it but there are tons of others like 'Better WP Security', 'Infinite WP' etc. ('BackWPup' sucks, don't use it). Install 'WP Anti-virus' with 'Better WP Security', turn off all notifications until work is complete.

  3. chiron34
    Posted 3 years ago #


    Thanks for your practical advice. I should have realised this myself when I started my project a couple of months ago. But as I am not very experienced in this webdev game, the thought never occurred to me. That was maybe because I was building the site live, and influenced by all the scare stories that abound around in the cyberworld to frighten newbies like me.

    I'm almost fished now; a couple of days should see me flying solo.

    One question. Do you use XCloner alone or in conjunction with Better WP Security. From a quick look at the XCloner site with my untrained eye, it seems to be a backup program, not a security program. Your advice would very helpful.


  4. chiron34
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I can't imagine what the difficulty can be in explaining how to understand the File Change Warnings Notices.

    Today I received this notice, with the accompanying schedule of changes that is too large to include here:

    A file (or files) on your site have been changed. Please review the report below to verify changes are not the result of a compromise.
    Scan Time: Thursday, October 25th 10:27 am UTC
    Files Added: 80
    Files Deleted: 0
    Files Modified: 899
    Memory Used: 0 MB

    As I have been offline for nearly 24 hours, the period covered by this warning report, I don't understand how 80 files could have been added or 899 files could have been modified.

    I cannot see any problems with the operation of my site. Does anybody have a practical explanation for this? Is this an internal quirk of the Better WP Security plugin?

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