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  • i have sent 2 emails now with a report, never got a reply ?????

    once again locked out of my own site for 2 hours while i receive another 20 emails telling me the same thing over and over and over.

    Into my 3rd week on monday without being able to launch the site, back and front end lock outs every day.

    Getting no support at all what so ever on this forum and not sure what else i can do.

    Is there anybody out there who can help me or have any idea ?

    I noticed I have the same problem, I just got 3 mails with the same contents.

    Thing is… if I change stuff in the plugin , it will be gone when i update the plugin πŸ™‚

    @ cogmios get ready for many many more , i had 18 yesterday , and im locked out of my site for around 1 – 2 hours every day

    getting no support at all , sent developer multiple messages with no reply.

    the worst thing for me was this as my first paid job , i should of had a site launch today instead im desperately looking for help and am now working for free , not a good look at all.

    If any body has any ideas please share them…..

    @art4life I’m a bit busy so did not have time to look through the sources (but every bug is solvable after some time)

    But uhm… why does your paid job rely on a plugin ???

    why dont you de-install it and try some other security plugins if that bug is bugging you?

    Also: this topic marked as “RESOLVED” so this might be the reason that this topic is not picked up.


    time to respond now ?

    – But uhm… why does your paid job rely on a plugin – because i cant launch a site that crashes every day , i missed my launch deadline – im not getting paid , simple.
    im finishing the job out of respect and so i dont lose my reputation.

    ive read several posts online from people who couldnt completely get rid of the plug in, so not wanting to make a bad situation any worse i have been reaching out for help everywhere, not just here.

    i have tried to pay 2 so called wordpress experts to help me and they both said they could not and blamed the plug in.

    ive been very respectful in all my communication , just ignored.

    maybe you have a link or company that can help me please


    i get this every day , along with another 15 – 20 mails

    i have not added anything to site for over 2 weeks

    Scan Time: Sunday, July 29th 11:04 pm UTC
    Files Added: 5
    Files Deleted: 7
    Files Modified: 32
    Memory Used: 0 MB

    Scan Time: Saturday, July 28th 9:42 pm UTC
    Files Added: 9
    Files Deleted: 37
    Files Modified: 33
    Memory Used: 0 MB

    Scan Time: Friday, July 27th 7:56 pm UTC
    Files Added: 70
    Files Deleted: 3
    Files Modified: 90
    Memory Used: 0 MB

    Scan Time: Thursday, July 26th 6:41 pm UTC
    Files Added: 19
    Files Deleted: 0
    Files Modified: 1
    Memory Used: 0 MB

    Strange , I got the message from a lockout on an IP 3 times.

    But by the looks of it you are using a cache indeed πŸ™‚

    But uhm.. if you dont want to use the file check why not change execute_filecheck( $auto = true )
    to not use it (in filecheck.php) ??

    (and while I read it , i see switch_to_blog( 1 ); for multisite, I wonder if that 1 is always correct and is not sometimes a 0) (not sure)

    p.s. it is on line 252:

    if ( $bwpsoptions['id_fileemailnotify'] == 1 ) {

    change it to some other value, crude fix but workaround until the final one comes around from the developer.

    thanks cogmios for your reply

    im using wp cache , the most popular plugin online for this im led to believe.

    im not sure how to do this – execute_filecheck( $auto = true )
    to not use it (in filecheck.php) ??

    do you have a link to a tutorial

    thanks again for the reply

    I updated it with a bit of code.

    so… in /inc/filecheck.php on line 251 change the “1” to some other value, then it wil not use $this->fileemail()

    It will still update the database. Do not have time to go through the complete code.

    p.s. : a link to a tutorial ????? GRIN ! start here: πŸ™‚

    hi big thanks for this

    a very noobie question , but where is that code ?

    is it within the plug-in, or is it a part of my theme


    I’m also wondering about ‘starttime’ => $currtime in the plugin. I have not checked if it compares the stored time with a time from the plugin, I usually get the time from mysql:

    try {
    // takes about 0.2435 seconds
    $sql = "SELECT UPDATE_TIME, NOW() FROM information_schema.TABLES WHERE <code>TABLE_NAME</code> = '$table_name_2';";
    $row_uri = $wpdb->get_results(	$sql, ARRAY_A);
    catch  (Exception $e)
    Log::F($debug,'Could not Get Response ' . $e->getMessage());

    and then (if it is not null):

    $latest_timestamp_in_database =  date_create($row_uri[0]["UPDATE_TIME"]);
    				$latest_timestamp_in_database = $latest_timestamp_in_database->getTimeStamp();
    				$current_date_timestamp_in_database =  date_create($row_uri[0]["NOW()"]);
    				$current_date_timestamp = $current_date_timestamp_in_database->getTimestamp();
    				$difference = $current_date_timestamp - $latest_timestamp_in_database;

    Disadvantage is that the user needs to have read access to the information schema

    What I mean to say is : could be used to prevent in all possible cases sending multiple mails out, if after a send mail the send mail was hashed and logged with its timestamp in the database (just to be sure).

    So whatever happens as long as this database check can take place it will not send out multiple mails if we store the send mails in the db.

    @art4life : in the plugin of course GRIN …

    so /plugins/better-wp-security/inc/filecheck.php

    Maybe just read through all the php code of the better-wp-security plugin to get a feeling for what it does?

    thanks , im still learning a lot of this stuff , but slowly getting there.

    if i cant work it out today , i will be looking at paying somebody to fix it.

    you have helped a lot πŸ™‚

    @art4life : there are several places where the plugin sends out mails. I wonder if it would not have been nicer to use a central mail class so it would be easier to have “send no mail” or have a filter on outgoing mails.

    I think this would a good suggestion for the dev as an improvement.

    @art4life: just replace :

    if ( $bwpsoptions['id_fileemailnotify'] == 1 ) {


    if ( $bwpsoptions['id_fileemailnotify'] == 1 ) {

    (so place // (comment) in front of call to the email function/method )

    again: this will still fill up the log with these messages but at least it wont send them out.

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