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  • I’m trying to figure out how to exclude the wp-admin/css/colors-fresh.css so it doesn’t get combined and minified.

    I’ve actually got a function that deregisters this file when BWP Minify is not running, so I can use my own custom login css. However when I activated BWP Minify, it finds this css file and combines it regardless of my function deregistering it.

    Unfortunately, a number of selectors in the color-fress.css are set with !important tags (sigh) so I can’t overwrite these unless I can get BWP Minify to not include the file.

    In admin-header.php it is being enqueued as ‘colors’, but I tried adding that as the handle to ignore and nothing happened (and I did remember to flush cache).

    Thanks in advance for your attention.

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  • After spending another day on this, I realize I can’t deregister colors-fresh without messing up the admin panel.

    So currently, I have my custom-login.css being added into login-head with a simple echo link statement. With BWP Minify active, it calls my custom-login.css before the minified and combined wp-admin.css & colors-fresh.css

    Since colors-fresh.css has the !important commands, I think I need to get my custom-login.css to load after it, so that I can overwrite with my !important command.

    How can I control the loading of the minified Wp-admin.css & colors-fresh.css so that it will get called earlier before my custom css file?

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