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[resolved] Can't change cache dir (7 posts)

  1. Katherine Semel-Munson
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm unable to change the location of the cache dir using the config.php.

    I've added my existing cache dir to the file in place of the default $min_cachePath
    $min_cachePath = '[my blog root]/wp-content/cache/min/';

    but the options page still shows the default url in the field
    [my blog root]/wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/cache/

    Am I missing a step? Does the config.php file need to be enabled somehow?


  2. Khang Minh
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    You can ignore what's shown in the option page, as it is automatically guessed based on your minify URL. It will not affect the plugin's functionality, don't worry :).

  3. admintiger
    Posted 3 years ago #

    This issue is marked resolved, but there actually are serious problems associated with what ksemel reported when bwp-minify is used with various common server configurations. I have only spent a short time testing, reading the code, and identifying problems, but this is what I have found so far.

    bwp-minify's path-guessing fails under Windows, works with dedicated host serving under Linux, but fails with common virtual host serving configurations under Linux. Those problems are due in part to $_SERVER['SUBDOMAIN_DOCUMENT_ROOT'] containing a static path set in an Apache config file, rather than a valid path to an individual virtual host document root. There also is a malfunction associated with the use of @parse_url($minurl) that I haven't fully-determined yet.

    Additionally the default empty string setting of $min_documentRoot in the min config.php is not valid with virtual host web serving, because it causes $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] to be used, which isn't reliable for the reason explained above. The solution is to set $min_documentRoot as shown below, which I have found works reliably with both dedicated and virtual hosting under both Windows and Linux:

    $min_documentRoot = substr($_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'], 0, -strlen($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']));
  4. admintiger
    Posted 3 years ago #

    After making the post above I discovered that min also uses $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] in several other places. Because of that, it appears to me that min will fail to work correctly with a significant percentage of web servers unless its code is patched in several places.

  5. Coksnuss
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am running a webserver at port 8443 with SSL...
    The Plugin does not work with this settings. When calling my WP installation (https://example.tld/) the plugin is trying to call https://example.tld/wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/min/?f=:8443/wp-content/*
    Also its trying to set the cachedir to <htdocs>/:8443/wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/cache and fails to detect its own location in <htdocs>/wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/cache

    In other words - This plugin (as of now) is not working with our installation and the page gets messed up because no CSS and JS files are loaded.

  6. Coksnuss
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Sorry - The WP Installation is running at https://example.tld:8443 and the plugin is trying to call https://example.tld:8443/wp-content/plugins/bwp-minify/min/?f=:8443/wp-content/*

  7. Khang Minh
    Plugin Author

    Posted 3 years ago #

    @admintiger: The codes you found inside bwp-minify only try to guess the cache dir to *show* it to the user, with no intention of using it for min application to be exact, so it's not important that it is guessed correctly :). Regarding DOCUMENT_ROOT, it is something that should be configured differently on each user's web server, that's why I provide an easy way to move the min folder to another place of choice, and then you can play with the config file without worrying about the plugin's update. I will write a short tutorial soon on how to make the most our of the min URL feature of BWP Minify.

    @Coksnuss: that bug has been fixed in 1.2.0, which will be released this week.

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