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  • Stay well away from this one. There are a number of bugs that when combined together result in the creators adsense code being served up most of the time and locking the owner out of their wp-admin. I believe this is an abusive plugin that should be removed from the WordPress Library ASAP.

    Firstly, it includes a proxy script which allows the creator of this plugin to feed rogue traffic through your web server. There’s no genuine use for this.

    Secondly, as of the latest version, there’s some bad coding (accidental, I’m sure *cough*) around the donation system which basically results in the creators adsense code being served 99% of the time – regardless of what value you enter into the donation box.

    Thirdly, as if the above “error” wasn’t bad enough, there’s another bug which locks you out of wp-admin by serving a header() in a poorly (purposely?) chosen place. Meaning that even if you spot the fact that your site is now serving up someone elses adsense, you can’t get in to fix it without connecting via FTP and deleting the plugin.

    Absolute shambles. Stay away from this plugin.

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  • Plugin Author jelyhost_d


    Dear stevesfan, thank you for your report.

    1 – The proxy.php file was removed. It was not used and the file was left over.

    2 – The bug with the donation system is fixed. The problem was when the value was shown at your wp-admin panel.

    3 – The header error was fixed right now (v1.1.1). There was an extra space at “<?php” marker.

    We note your concern about your data. We are working to build a good version for all those ones who want to use our plugin without problems.

    Too little too late. Your plugin included a dodgy proxy script which had no right being there in the first place. What did you intend to proxy through peoples sites? And the ‘bugs’ raped peoples adsense earnings into your own account and locked them out of their wp-admin.

    You say the issues are now resolved. But how are we meant to trust the plugin after all this?

    I’m not going to go back and forth. There’s little point since I’m sure you’ll run the same scam under a new plugin name soon enough.

    At least I’ve warned people for now.

    Plugin Author jelyhost_d


    Dear stevesfan, you are in the right to think so.

    The proxy file was trash that was included in a blank framework to build plugins for wordpress. Now everything is cleaned up.

    The bug that ‘locked’ the plugin, was a header error. That error didn’t allow to unistall the plugin. The header error was fixed in this current version (v1.1.1).

    Nothing more to worry about.

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