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  • May I ask a question?

    IF “This plugin is a stolen version of Global-Translator-Pro”, as you stated…

    Why does it have so many fewer translations?

    Why is it limited to only Google instead of the other Translators advertised on the GT-Pro site?

    If he ‘redirected “donations” to himself’ I wonder why it has a donation box at all? Because GT-Pro is paid for software, at like $69 -$129. Why have a donation box on what would be as paid program?

    The problem here is that, IF we believe this post, the GT-Pro people are asking you to pay for the software and then they are also asking for donations, which really doesn’t make sense. That is the only way Ben could have “redirected” donations to himself.

    Why don’t you notify the author of GT-Pro so he could verify it?

    Why not post some code so we could see it plainly?

    I am NOT trying to defend Ben nor Ben’s Translator – I am simply commenting on what this post clearly states. It makes an unsubstantiated allocation that bens-translator is (in the tags) illegal, stolen and that Ben is a thief!

    I have never seen GT-Pro nor a working copy of Ben’s and I surely have not seen them side by side…

    I certainly do not want anything on my site other than Open Source Code and I surely do not want some stolen proprietary code.

    All I am saying is the post of jetlib is not clear and does not make sense.

    The topic is marked that it is resolved, but how was it resolved? I for one would really like to know… is this really illegal stolen software as the poster put in the tags? Or is this software viable open source?


    Hi all
    I’m the author of both Global Translator and Global Translator Pro.

    Bens translator is a modified clone of Global Translator (which is distributed with GPL license), so it cannot be considered illegal.

    Honestly I’m a bit worried about that initiative because the author didn’t contact me before cloning my plugin: I know that he wasn’t obliged to do this but in my opinion we could work together instead of completely separate. This doesn’t really help the community… Anyway he can do this…


    pozzad, i suggest you email to wordpress team to remove this ben translator!

    tatming -> Why, the plug is not doing anything illegal? It may be the best to work with the original author, but he is not obliged to.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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