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    Hi there,

    I’ve found a bug when there are multiple topics to be moderated.

    Instead of displaying the topic’s author and “Awaiting moderation”, it displays the author from the previous unmoderated topic.

    1) There are two new topics: 1st topic is created by User1, and 2nd topic is created by User2
    2) Once the second topic is created, and you click on it, instead of displaying User1, it displays User2. If there are more unmoderated topics created (3rd topic, 4th topic, 5th topic, etc), it will still show the author of the first unmoderated topic (User1)

    Once the topic is moderated and approved/published, it shows the correct author though.

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  • I think I know where the problem is occurring, but I’m not quite sure how to fix it. When you create a new unmoderated topic, that new topic’s post_name (in the wp_post table) is empty.

    So the permalink for that topic is (instead of Because there is no existing topic to link to, it just brings up the first unmoderated topic.

    But I’m not quite sure how to fix this. Please help?

    Plugin Author ianhaycox


    I’ve updated the plugin to fix a bug with BuddyPress

    hopefully this should fix your problem. I think it was caused by the moderation plugin using the most recent global topic/reply rather than the current topic/reply.


    Hi Ian,

    Thank you so much for your help with this!

    I’ve updated to the latest version of bbPressModeration, and it’s working a lot better now. It now shows the correct user when you view the full unmoderated topic/reply.

    Also, unmoderated replies work better in the activity stream now too. Previously it was still displaying the excerpt of the unmoderated reply. Now instead of the excerpt, it just shows “Awaiting moderation”.

    I still notice something strange happening with new unmoderated topics.

    When you click to view the full unmoderated topic, instead of displaying the topic title, topic author, and “Awaiting moderation” as the content, it displays the topic title as “Auto Draft”, and the topic author and content is blank.

    I tried logging on as the administrator, and the title is still “Auto Draft” with no other content.

    But new unmoderated replies are working perfectly

    Plugin Author ianhaycox



    I’m not sure where the ‘Auto Draft’ text is coming from. It’s not in the plugin, so I guess it’s being displayed by bbPress core or another plugin ?

    I just tested the plugin myself and didn’t see the problem you describe. Do you have any other bbPress plugins that you could try de-activating then test again ?


    Hi Ian,

    I have tried disabling all plugins except for bbPress, Buddypress, and bbPressModeration, but I still have the same problem. I think the issue is with WordPress core and lack of permalinks for unmoderated topics.

    Example of moderated/approved topic link

    Example of unmoderated topic link

    Unmoderated topics have no permalink, so you get a default draft page when you try to view it. Once the topic has been moderated and approved, the permalink for that topic gets created, so you have the correct URL for that topic. But I can live with that, it’s fine with me 🙂

    Thanks again for all the help, Ian. Your plugin works very well and should definitely be included in the next bbPress core, lots of people would find its functions very useful

    Plugin Contributor Ian Stanley


    kraigg, is this still an issue with v1.8?

    Thanks Ian for your efforts and taking the time to look at it.

    I’ve updated to the latest v1.8. Unfortunately this problem persists for me, although the behaviour has changed slightly.

    I’ve created multiple unmoderated topics as a test:
    – “My first topic”
    – “My second topic”
    – “My third topic”

    In this instance I only approve topic 3, and leave the previous two topics unmoderated.

    If I then go to the forum list and I select “My first topic”, it displays the title and content of topic 3, instead of displaying topic 1 with “awaiting moderation” as the content. I still think this problem has to do with a lack of permalinks.

    This is probably more a bug with bbPress itself, but when I first create a new topic, the URL created for this topic is, which is a valid and reachable link. But the URL from the forum topic list is which is empty.

    If only there was a way for the forum topic list page to link to the topic’s permalink URL by default (, but if the topic permalink doesn’t exist (because the topic is still pending) then link to the ID number URL (

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