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  • Hi David,

    First, congratulations for this brilliant plug-in.

    Unfortunately, I am not using any longer the Site Wide Forum. In fact in the comments in BuddyPress, it is said that if we install in the same time Site wide and per groups forums, users would probably be confused. And after one week only, I discovered that they were right, and because most of users were going to groups forums (because users become “member” of a group), I choosed to keep groups forum and stop Site wide forum. Thus, I cannot use you plug-in.

    I’ve read your answer (7 months ago) telling to somebody that you would not adapt this plug-in to Group Forum because display is not managed as Sitewide forum is done.

    But I’ve thought to a new plug-in that can be really useful for users who want to have discussion in a topic of a group forum :

    1. Let the post manage comments in WP way. In the post back office there is just a section with “transfer to a group forum topic”.
    If there is not too many comments, we could let the things going on as it is (at this moment, the plugin do nothing except the param and “transfer button”
    2. At one moment, the WordPress admin can decide that there are too many comments. He activates the transfer by giving a title to the post, decide in which group forum the post plus discussion must be transfered and click on the button. The plug-in builds the topic, put it in the group forum, forbid display of comments choice and param and tranfer button in the post back office and generate a link to the topics (this link should be editable if WP admin decide later to move topic to another group with some other plugin)

    Do you think that a plugin of this type is doable ? Do you think it is a good idea ? And obviously, do you think you would have enough “leisure” time to develop it ?

    Thank you in advance to consider it,


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  • Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi Michel,

    I’ve been working with group forums again recently for the first time in a while and wanted to give you some info that might help.

    In a nutshell, the problem is that this plugin is written to work with bbPress forums and topics, not BP ones. SO, if you use the separate bbPress plugin and enable Group Forums through that (rather than through BP itself) you can use this plugin with group forums.

    I know this doesn’t help with a site that has already implemented BP forums, but maybe for your next site or someone else’s.

    As far as possibilities for using BP’s built-in forums, I just don’t see it happening unless / until that component updates to bbPress 2.x (which may be as soon as 1.7). For now, it’s just too much work re-creating the display functions that come with bbPress. Many of your other parts of your proposed plugin are UI changes that I will definitely think more about, since the UI could use some work.

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions! It’s always good to know what people who use (or want to use) this plugin are looking for, even if I can’t necessarily provide it.

    – David

    Dear David,

    Thank you for answering to my reply.

    I understand this question of work amount, and believe me, I totally support you and appreciate what you’ve done yet.

    In this moment, I am using the BuddyPress plugin 1.6.1 because all the site is based on BP for a social exchanges. I didn’t choosed WP not bbPress : these came as mandatory for BuddyPress. And I had no choice at all if I want to keep the same database for all the ids and pw of all participants.
    For bbPress, I had the choice inside BuddyPress to install it with one forum per group or Site Wide. You even can install the two, and on this setting screen, there is nothing telling the admin that these two options are so different. And the “classic” solution is probably the per-group forums as the Site Wide is advertised as a new possibility.
    Version of bbPress is 2.1.2

    For the moment, I am forbidding all the comments on new blog posts, open a topic in one of the group forums and put the link at the bottom of the blog post to go on the forum to discuss. It works and nobody is shocked.
    The only problem I have is to move existing comments into a topic in a group forum, and, as I do not have your skills, I am unable to do it …
    If something like that is possible in the future, I would let the comments on, and would transform it in topic only if members are positing a lot of comments (for instance, over 10). In this case, I would move comments on topics, close comments and put the link to the topic …

    Thank you for what you do for all users, and opening a whole bunch of new ideas,


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