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  • Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi Gawain,

    Thanks for the patch! You’re correct that this plugin is intended for single-site installs, but I’m happy to add compatibility wherever possible.

    – David


    Could you provide the code for the WPMU patch again? the pastebin link is dead now.



    Basically just change line 531 from:
    wp_register_script( 'bbppt-admin-script', WP_PLUGIN_URL . '/bbpress-post-topics/inc/bbppt-admin.js', array('jquery') );

    wp_register_script( 'bbppt-admin-script', plugins_url() . '/bbpress-post-topics/inc/bbppt-admin.js', array('jquery') );

    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi All –

    This change is included in the most recent release, 1.6.

    Please feel free to send along any other compatibility enhancements or bug reports!

    – David

    i have a multisite setup and do not have bbpress installed on individual sites except the main blog.

    is there a way to enhance the multisite capability where i can use your plugin on any post within the network, then link it back to the bbpress on the main blog?

    i tested it out, thinking it may work, though all i get is the following message below the Discussion section on each post…

    bbPress Topics for Posts has been enabled, but cannot detect your bbPress setup.

    so am i to assume i need to have bbpress installed on every site, and then this plugin is for posts for that site only?


    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi AutomatedKid –

    You are correct that this plugin will only work with a bbPress install loaded on the current site, and will treat each site’s forums separately.

    Switching to another site isn’t possible with the current code, but could be developed in the future. Right now this plugin checks to be sure that bbPress functions are available before letting the user try to create a topic.

    What’s really needed is a way to specify which site will host the bbPress topics, and then switch to that site when creating or loading topics and replies. Sounds easy, but there are a lot of things that need to be accounted for: e.g. how to handle not having bbPress functions loaded, and whether the URLs and paths in the topic display will make sense on the target site.

    @ david dean – thanks for taking the time to respond to my inquiry about your plugin. i understand completely everything you just mentioned, i knew it would require some added programming, but just wasn’t sure if it was a doable thing or not. and like i mentioned previously, my idea is for topics to go to the main blog’s forums only, not several, so it’s not some crazy and wild idea i had there.

    i’m not sure how this project of mine is going to work or not. if the project does work out, which i hope it does, by chance, r u for hire to make something like this possible? there would be no better person than the original author of the plugin to continue his creativity and make it happen, right? 🙂 just curious, that’s all. because i really think ur plugin was a brillant idea.

    thanks again

    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi AutomatedKid –

    I hope I didn’t offend you with my post. I was just brainstorming what it would take to implement, and didn’t mean to throw a bunch of requirements at you. 🙂

    Your idea definitely isn’t crazy, and at least one other person has requested the same thing in these forums. I am available for development work, so feel free to contact me if you’d like to discuss that further. I wish you the best with your site!

    – David

    David at generalthreat dot com

    @ david dean – no, i wasn’t offended at all. it sounded like u were talking out loud, sorta what i do when i have several thoughts going on, so i didn’t think anything of it. but if u want apologize, i’ll accept it. j/k! 🙂

    and that sounds pretty good about contacting u @ ur site and seeing if we can maybe work something out w/ ur plugin. again, i first need to get the site going, if it works out, you’ll be on my list of people to contact. plus, i wouldn’t mind discussing more about nginx, extending wp network to multiple networks, and a few other things since glancing at ur site, those r the things i already had on my timeline to-do list!

    hopefully we’ll talk soon

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