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  • Thank you for this great plugin.
    Whenever I create a post manually the BBpress post is created.
    Whenever I create a post through Gravityforms the normal comment thread is started.

    Why would this be happening? By the way one of the GravityForms developers has told me to give you his email address so you could work it out together, is there a way to PM to you?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi aresbasic,

    Thanks for the bug report! The process of creating a post through GravityForms probably isn’t passing any of the fields this plugin expects and isn’t one of the exceptions I’ve carved out. So this plugin just doesn’t know to create a topic.

    Reworking that part of the plugin to be more flexible is a key part of the work going into the next release, so your problem may be solved before too long. The current development release won’t solve this issue, but I’ll update this thread when I post a change that should.

    In the mean time, I don’t think there’s a PM function here, but you can send it to me at david at generalthreat dot com.

    – David

    No problem. I’ve sent you his address, you’d be amazed on their reactivity and speed.

    Hello David, I know you’re busy but have you gotten in contact with them?

    Here’s supplemental information that might help you correct this issue it’s from one of the devs of GF:

    Gravity Forms creates posts using the POST post type which is the standard post type used by WordPress for “Posts”. It doesn’t use a custom post type.

    If posts are being created using a custom post type when you are using the “Posts for comments” plugin then this means that plugin is doing something wrong and was developed in such a way that it is interfering with how Gravity Forms creates posts. Most likely they are using WordPress hooks and not isolating their code to only when it executes and instead of implemented in such a way that it’s globally applying it to other plugins that create posts.

    There isn’t much we can do in this situation on our end, we use standard WordPress functions to create the posts. You’d need to contact the developer of that plugin and notify him what it is doing and he’d have to correct his plugin in order to correct this issue.

    Hope that helps.


    Plugin Author David Dean


    Ouch! That was a presumptuous and uninformed response from the dev.

    Here’s the situation:
    The current release version (1.4) of this plugin creates topics only for posts that are published either through the full post editor or by XML-RPC. The development version currently adds support for posts that are scheduled by setting the “Date” field to a future time and those that are saved as a Draft and then published through the Quick Edit feature. No other ways of publishing a post will currently create a topic.

    What you have asked for is support for posts published through GF. This is going to be implemented by improving support for using default settings when the full post editor was NOT used, e.g. when a plugin publishes a post.

    But you will have to be patient. 🙂 This is a feature that demands testing to make sure nothing that currently works is broken. Like I said above, I’ll update this thread when a development version that includes this feature is posted.

    Hello David, I assure you the devs at GF are very down to earth cool people.
    His response is only conjecture since they don’t know your plugin.
    Uninformed answer? yes, but don’t take it badly they are just trying to figure out what the problem might be.

    By the way that is the answer from one of the devs who is not in charge of support he was just guessing and answering a previous request for help from me.

    The other dev, whose mail you’ve already got had the initiative to invite you to contact them so you can work it out.

    Again, I assure you they are quite likable you will see if you get in touch with them.


    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi aresbasic,

    A new development version has been posted that I believe will work with Gravity Forms and other plugins that publish posts. If you have a chance, please give it a try and let me know what you find.

    – David

    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi @aresbasic

    Can you confirm whether this has been fixed in the most recent release? Thanks!

    – David

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