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  • Anyone running this plugin that wants to provide a demo link?

    Before I jump in and make such a drastic change, I’d like to see it in action first if possible.

    I am using multisite bbPress 2.1.

    Does this mean that I need to activate bbPress on every blog that I want to use bbPress-post-topics on?

    Or: Can I have a centralized blog that basically holds all of my comments from my entire network?
    *While that would be a little heavier on the processing due to having to use something like ‘switch_to_blog’ for each comment, in the end, it would be a lot cleaner.

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  • Questions:

    I noticed that the forum nav bar and breadcrumbs show up on the post template. Is there an easy way to remove that?
    *I don’t want my users to be able to go to the forum from a post

    I create a forum called ‘comments’ to store all my comments in.
    How do I go about hiding the ‘comments’ forum when you actually visit the forums homepage?

    *I don’t want anyone to be able to see the ‘comments’ forum EVER for any reason. Especially google as I would end up with a duplicate content penalty for having the comments in 2 locations (posts,forums).

    It doesn’t seem that big a deal, but if you have a post with a huge amt of comment replies, then the duplicate content ratio would be huge for google.

    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi Anointed,

    I don’t have a public demo available. Hopefully someone else will be able to help out there.

    1. You will still have to enable bbPress for each site where you want to use this plugin. Even if you switch blogs, the plugin will check for bbPress functions to make sure it’s enabled.

    You are free to remove those for yourself, but they improve troubleshooting too much for me to remove them. 🙂

    Keep an eye on this thread for more info on blog-switching:

    2. If there is a way to hide the breadcrumbs, it’d have to be through CSS. That form comes from a bbPress function that basically just accepts a topic ID.

    3. My only thought is making the “comments” forum a public child of a hidden forum. Don’t know whether that would work but it seems like it’s worth a shot!

    Feel free to send along any other questions you may have.

    – David

    #2 it would be great if you added a filter on the plugin when it is calling the bbPress template for displaying the comments on a blog post. That way instead of using the built in bbPress template, I can create my own template that does not have the breadcrumbs involved.

    *I’m pretty sure that the bbPress plugin has the ability to request different templates via a filter request.

    #3 That would be awesome if you can find a way to do that. The whole reason I like the idea of your plugin is to be able to control my comments better than the built in system and bbPress is perfect for that. However having huge amounts of duplicate content available is a HUGE penalty and no one can really deny that. So anything to insulate the comments from anything other than being comments is a nice step.

    Love the plugin!, great concept…

    Plugin Author David Dean


    Hi Anointed,

    #2 – You are already free to copy the comments-bbpress.php file into your theme folder (in a subfolder called bbpress) and implement any template you want from there. The plugin will use that file before the bundled version.

    If there is a filter on loading the topic template through bbPress, then it is still available to you through this plugin. Not really sure what the problem is in that case.

    #3 – If you get something working, feel free to post it so others can benefit.

    – David

    Hi David
    #2 I have already done that. When a person is viewing the actual forum, yes I want them to see the breadcrumbs etc.

    It is when they are on a ‘post’ page that I don’t want the breadcrumbs to show up.

    That’s what I meant, if you add a filter etc, then we can say
    1. load a custom file
    2. if no custom file, then load comments-bbpress.php in the theme
    3. if no theme file, then load bbpress file normally.

    So what I am getting at, is if your plugin could say ‘look for a totally custom file’ first (where I can remove breadcrumbs) and use that on the post page… then if not found, use normal template chain.

    #3 Absolutely. I am trying to figure out how to do a hidden subforum.

    Plugin Author David Dean


    I think the filter you are looking for already exists and is called bbppt_template_name. If that’s not what you had in mind, let me know!

    – David

    Yes I think that is going to work great. I only took a quick peek, but it looks like I can use the filter to actually call a totally custom template of my choosing for when displaying replies on the actual post page. TY



    Anyone want to post a link to their blog where you are using this? I’d like to see a demo before installing, since I’m not entirely positive this is the plugin that does what it sounds like it does.

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