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  • Plugin Author daveshine (David Decker)


    Hi there!

    Shortcodes won’t happen for this plugin – I see no need for that at this time. Most themes have plenty of widget areas so it should be possible to place it on a lot of locations.

    Have you a special use case for shortcodes with my plugin?

    Which theme are you using?

    Thank you for your understanding!

    -Dave 🙂

    Thank you for the reply and concern Dave!!
    I just wanted to know if that’s possible for people with no sidebar!! I realized its not necessary when i can place it in the sidebar as widget!!!
    Thanks again for the concern!!!

    Plugin Author daveshine (David Decker)


    Thanks, vinaysagar4u!

    I may re-think this for a new update in the next weeks – but this time I just have to update/maintain all my other plugins for extended WP 3.4 compatibility. Then this is on the table again 🙂

    Thanks for your patience & feedback!
    -Dave 🙂

    I too found myself without any widget areas on a site I’m building and I’m looking for a way to do this via short codes. So count me in for another vote when you have time.

    I suppose I could find alternative work arounds, which I’ll go and hunt for now…


    ps. is there a way to also search by a users name (first or last) or even their display name and have it index all posts they’ve ever replied to or discussions they’ve started? If there is, this would totally be amazing, if not, please put on your feature creep list. 🙂

    Plugin Author daveshine (David Decker)


    Hi there!

    The shortcode feature will be the next thing I put on my list – need some more time for that…

    User search is currently not possible in this plugin – my plugin currently uses a simple post type search which is possible with WP but with limitations.

    User search plugins are available for backend I believe but no solution for frontend I guess.

    Search in general is a field where WordPress core devs don’t care very much. All plugin solution out there are really “niche” — what we need is a BIG update of WP search functionality and incorporating such things in big plugins like bbPress.

    Thanks, Dave 🙂

    Hi Dave,
    This is somewhat related to the shortcode issue. Can you think of a way to embed the widget directly using php? I’ve got a mega dropdown menu area which shows a quick snapshot view of the bbpress forums, and I’d love to be able to add a search bar to the menu dropdown (which is not a widgetized area).

    Of course, if you cook up a shortcode, I could always do_shortcode(), but that’s a bit roundabout…


    Wondering why this post is marked “resolved”? Won’t it be resolved when there IS a shortcode available?
    I’d love if there was a shortcode, so I could place your plugin in my template(s) easily.
    Seems like a good plugin though. Cheers

    @klogan2: Re-Opened 4 u

    Cool, and such a quick reply, my head is spinning. Cheers, Kevin

    Thumbs Up!

    Sorry guys, but there won’t be a shortcode available in this plugin – at least not in the near future!

    bbPress 2.3 will have integrated search feature in its core — as long as it will also have some widget for it my plugin will become useless. And in this case it will be retired.
    Will the search feature core not come with a widget, then I will consider to continuing it and also considering adding a shortcode.

    I mark this thread resolved again, as the question was answered more than one time.

    We all should wait for next version of bbPress itself, v2.3, and this is the best what will happen for us all: integrated search by default. My plugin was only an interim solution, and not such a good one, because of lots of stuff regarding bbPress core and themes in general.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    I can’t wait for bbPress 2.3 though 🙂
    -Dave 🙂

    Hi Dave, thanks for the reply. That sounds like a VERY reasonable reason not to bother with short codes.
    I too then await bbPress 2.3 🙂

    Cheers & all the best,

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