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  • Hey anointed,
    I had the same problem,
    I rooted around in bbPress-Quotes and found the offending code and changed it to make it work. If I can contact the author I can show him the fix:

    To Fix you need to:
    In bbpress-quotes.php:
    on Line 86 : Change wp_register_script('bbpress_quotes_js', ($plugin_url . '/bbpress-quotes.js'), false, '1.0');
    wp_register_script('bbpress_quotes_js', ($plugin_url . '/bbpress-quotes.js'), 'jquery', '1.0');
    In bbpress-quotes.js
    change the where the variable theQuote is initialised to this : var theQuote = "div#post-"+commentID + " .bbp-reply-content";

    Then change this line : var posttext = document.getElementById(theQuote).innerHTML;
    To be this :
    var posttext = $(theQuote).html();

    Then also add these lines:

    // remove reply revision info
    var posttext = posttext.replace(/<ul id="bbp-reply-revision-log(.*?)>((.|\n)*?)(<\/ul>)/igm, "");

    Below :
    //var posttext = posttext.replace(/<a class="comment_reply_link"(.*?)>((.|\n)*?)(<\/a>)/ig, "");

    Those are the changes I made and it’s now working again.
    Sorry I cannot be more precise with line numbers in the js file, I’ve moved lines around a bit working this out.

    Also keep in mind if the author releases a new version it will overwrite these changes!

    Not sure what I am missing as I made the changes and it even makes sense. Still getting the error.

    Could you throw this up on git as the author seems to be not available?

    same, getting the same error despite the changes

    Try this:

    Just open the bbpress-quotes.js file and in the Quote function

    Add this after try statement starts:

    var editor_html = document.getElementById('bbp_reply_content-html');

    and this before functions return is called:

    var editor_tmce = document.getElementById('bbp_reply_content-tmce');

    Working awesome for me.

    Arun Singh, do you mind showing us what line that code should go on? Javascript is not something I’m very familiar with.

    Hi avaroth,

    In the bbpress-quotes.js file replace the quote function with the following edited version :

    [Code moderated as per the Forum Rules. The maximum number of lines of code that you can post in these forums is ten lines. Please use the pastebin]

    avaroth see the code here

    None of these solutions offered is working for me on WP 3.4.2

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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