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  • Hi,

    I installed batcache for caching pages within an external memcached server. I did this installing the object-cache by Ryan Boren ( and the batcache plugin itself.

    Batcache is working just fine, storing the pages on the memcached server. But the object-cache is also caching SQL queries, and I don’t want that, it’s causing so much slowdown on the administration, and front-end is always getting “out of sync” with outdated SQL queries.

    Is there a way to batcache work without WordPress caching everything? If I don’t define WP_CACHE to true, advanced-cache.php (from batcache) will not load. And if I define it, object-cache.php will cache everything. Can anybody help on this issue? Is this even possible? 😛

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  • After trying several times, I gave up. I completely removed object-cache.php and batcache and I’m using wp-varnish now. Thanks.

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